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1  General Category / Events / A cure as been found and a journey to the spider queens lair on: June 22, 2015, 05:01:10 PM
On this dark and stormy night thunder echoes thourgh out the cave
Dhaune lays in the castle almost dead with pain Lord Shurtyrr and Link of urak
Came to the castle as they stood over Dhaune  they vowed to find a cure
So they went on the long journey of searching for a cure for the empress.

Now Shurtyrr did not know of the dangers that laid ahead they came to the Makato-jima Dojo
Where a scroll laid upon the floor a new comer enterd the dojo A blue tailed half wolf half drow enterd the room they then explaind the Dire Situation to the creature he was intrigued. He then spoke of his name to be Lance Shammerjin his cold white skin was not that of human form as the there went on their journey they came to a place filled with druids shamans and forces of nature.

As the three made their way into the deep jungles filled with lions tigers and bears
Snakes as big as the trees them self Howls can be heard as the wolves smell their brother walking the land. Time passes hours fly by, As the three travel the land they come to this tower as they entered.

They went up the stairs and a man with a black robe dark as night you could not see his face
 the man enterd the room he said his name to be Kane –Jye of the Sylanavi tribe
After a brief conversation with the man he offerd the three a potion Link of urak did not know if he could be trusted.  The four men spoke for a brief moment upon further investigation he gave the four a potion of a great cure had they found the cure to free the empress of her pain?
As they enterd the medow the blue tailed wolf made his way back to the forrest to report of these strange events. As Link of urak and Shurtyrr of the Dark hand rushed back to the castle .
To find Dhaune Sinore screaming in pain and agony they stood over her and said empress we have found yoiur cure, Dhaune sinore looked up at the two men “she sat up slowly” this potion will cure me she spoke with a feint voice? Link said there could be deadly precautions if this potion does not work.

“Dhaune looked at the leader of the dark hand and she spoke” if this does not work do not let the empire fall she took the top off the potion and slowly took a drink she drank the potion till it was gone
After a good ten minutes or so Dhaune stood up as if she had never been ill She had been cured of the curse. As the there stood inside the throne room the vowed to find the throne of Lloth and destroy
Her lair.
2  General Category / Events / A deadly curse and and a race to find a cure on: June 10, 2015, 02:46:39 AM
A deadly curse and and a race to find a cure

AS Zelrin and the Darkhand leader Stood in the throne room
A cold breeze is felt as they are quickly wrapped in webs of destruction.

Dhaune Sinore knew Lloth was near She came in like a thief in the night
She got in Dhaunes face and asked her Who gave you this crown! Dhaune laughs in her face.

She asked again Who gave you this crown, Dhaune laughed at her ounce more
Lloth grew tired of the games Dhaune Sinore was playing so she cursed her
To feel extreme pain throughout her body She said now will you tell me who gave you the crown?

Dhaune in so much pain "She answered her" Link of urak gave me the crown
She vanished again. and then screams are heard in the land of Magincina as Link was taken and imprisoned.

Dhaune waited in the thorne room as she lays there in the master chambers in pain and agony!
AS she laid there “Dhaune spoke” Slither take this pain from my body Lloth cannot win.

Meanwhile Dhaune sent her dark hand leader to rescue Link
Emmaline and the dark hand leader searched the land far and wide until they found Link tied up in the spider pits.

Dhaune now lays helpless inside the thorne room waiting for a cure so that her plans of defeating Lloth can come true.
AS she lays there alone she wonders will I die will I live? Slither guide me in this time.
AS link is released they search franticly for a cure.

Is this the end of our Dark empress?
To be continued…..
3  General Category / Shard Downtime / Re: Is the shard down? on: June 03, 2015, 03:32:55 PM
is it down for any one elese?
4  General Category / Events / Re: The Demise of A Goddess and A New Freedom on: May 26, 2015, 10:13:33 PM
Another Step towards Lloth’s Very Undoing
As Dhaune Sinore entered the meadow, Link of Urak introduced her to a few new residents of the meadow. A Daemon named “Zerker” speaking of his name; as Dhaune, Link, and Zerker stood there talking.

They then moved under the tent, meeting with a Feline; named Ula. The Felinus was very skeptical of the tale about Lloth Dhaune spoke of. As they stood there speaking; of the destruction of Lloth, Emmaline showed up once more. As the five of them stood there, setting up plans for the former Goddess’ demise, Ula did not believe Lloth had done anything wrong, well the truth is Lloth was watching.

As the five of them stood there, the Drow form of Lloth appeared in front of them. Link of Urak, Zerker, Emmaline, Dhaune, and Ula stood there as the foul demon spoke. “Feline I will make a coat out of your fur” Lloth said, speaking to the cat named Ula. While the five stood there, staring at each other; Dhaune falls to her knees, passing out from the influence of Lloth.

With what little breath she had left she lays on the ground twitching. Dhaune Sinore laid there as the others stood above her; trying to wake her up. Link of Urak shook Dhaune, and begin to chant as her wounds healed from the inside. The foul demon vanished once more, as Dhaune stood up she screamed out; “Lloth…You will pay.” The five of them put their hands in the circle, vowing to the demise of Lloth, and that her death would soon follow.

5  General Category / Questions, Game Problems and Bugs / Re: corrupted file or...? on: May 25, 2015, 04:37:32 PM
There are stable stones
6  General Category / Chit-chat / Found a few bugs on: May 24, 2015, 05:36:44 PM
First Orc bombers hit as hard as a orc brute
when you die things vanish
some spanws are super op
also i had 74k i put 19k in bank and i still got 74k
7  General Category / General Discussion / A Challenge to all guests on: May 23, 2015, 05:42:22 PM
My challenge for you is to make an account join the server Test it for a week with all the new events up and coming i would like to see my server grow Join us Join the fun we have the greatist staff of any server good rp we just need people to give us a chance Come to our server Get in some good rp We have the Dark empire up and running we have a big quest going If you will join i guarntee you good rp So give us a chance to show you what real rp is Come Join our ranks Sylvan has the most kind people of any server i have seen so any way my Challenge for you is try us for a week I guarntee you feel welcome i hope you will take this challenge And call us home!

Your FRiendly Neighbor hood drow
8  General Category / Events / The First Sighting on: May 22, 2015, 12:30:43 AM
Zelrin trained in the dungeon, while Dhaune remained in Magincia, talking amongst the residents, Link, was in the meadow, with a few others that later introduced their selves to be PsandueX, Emmaline Oxford, and Lord Tinkerton; Zelrin then making his way upwards, to safeguard the Tulsharess. As the Tulsharess told them of their plans, and asked them to join her in battle, the Drow Queen soon appearing, taunting them; as she talked to them through their own minds. PsandueX spoke and said when she sees me it will be the last thing she sees.

She called them weak, Dhaune and the others then calling her out, asking her to “Show herself if she was a true Goddess,” And proclaiming her a “coward.” Link telling them to be wary of what they say, for they do not know how strong the Goddess truly is. Dhaune; once more taunting the goddess, asking her to show herself yet again, but this time yielding different results.

The Drow Queen appeared before the six of them, her appearance so thunderous that all of them nearly died, gravely wounded; the warriors got back up, then standing before the Goddess. Lloth then disappearing just as quickly as she came, but not before one more message, she appeared before them; claiming to have cursed them for an eternity, none of the warriors noticing nothing at the time, the claim confusing them.

Dhaune, Zelrin, Link of Urak, and Lord Tinkerton began talking after the Goddess’ leave, discussing what their first steps, then deciding they would need to train first before they were ever even close to fighting the Goddess with any chance of survival. As they continued talking, Lord Tinkerton then told of a warrior, a warrior who would help with the fight against Lloth, he told of his name to be “Hades.” Lord Tinkerton then taking his leave, to craft supplies such as armor and weapons for the coming battle.

As Dhaune and Link talked, Link told Dhaune of the skills of this warrior, giving him a high amount of admiration, and Dhaune knowing this would be one of the many people needed for this quest. As the two talked, a man appeared before them, Zelrin questioning his identity, and the man then claiming to be the warrior himself; Hades, Link backing the claim up soon after.

Dhaune, Zelrin, Link, and Hades all continued the conversation, then Link and Dhaune asking Hades to join them, the warrior accepting their request soon after. As they continued to talk about plans to rid the world of Lloth, Hades then decided he would go train as well, the battle ahead would be long and harsh, the man taking his leave from the meadow as he stepped into the moongate to prepare himself.

Zelrin began talking to Dhaune; stating that “They should go pray to Slither for guidance.” Dhaune agreeing, opening a gate to the underdark, and stepping in, Zelrin nodding farewell to his new allies before joining the Tulsharess in the city. As they arrived at the statue, built in honor of their new found Goddess, they began to kneel, praying for a way to stop the oppressive Lloth’s power, Zelrin and Dhaune chanting in unison.

As Dhaune held her hands up to the sky, Slither appeared in front of them, speaking to both of the Drow; “My children I am here to guide you in your time of need If you train hard, you will prevail.”  Dhaune replied, “Slither, I am at your will, that back stabbing winch Lloth will be stopped.” At that point; the snake hissed, it could be heard throughout the caves of the underdark. Dhaune knew the battle before her would be fierce, it would take a very long time; time she would use to prepare, to take the head for her new Goddess. Dhaune vowed to Slither “I will have Lloth’s head for you, my Goddess of all that is dark; your will be done.”

Slither spoke to Dhaune about prophesy, she spoke of times past; and present. She instructed Dhaune to find and Recruit someone special, someone who will take the spot of the Arch Mage; and fight with us against this demon. “Where can I find such a person, one with this talent?” Dhaune asked Slither. Slither spoke once more “In time the chosen one will come, and you shall know.” Slither continuing “This mage will be powerful, after that; a great assassin will join your ranks, one with great power” Dhaune nods, as she pushes her hands in front of her in the shape of a triangle, then pushing her hands forward; and pulling them back to her chest as if she was meditating. Dhaune speaks loudly “Thank you my lord your will be done.”
9  General Category / Events / The Demise of A Goddess and A New Freedom on: May 21, 2015, 02:25:03 AM
The Drow left to a new world; having left from under their influence of Lloth, considering their “blessing” as a curse, and since disbanding from their former friends and family. Dhaune and Zelrin first meeting in the city of Magincia, soon after proclaiming themselves to be allies, Drow have to stick together after all.

They since have made new allies, leading them to what they claimed as their 'new city', the base for the start of the dark empire, under the name of House Sin’ore. Exploring and learning what they could of the new place they called home, a stranger entered the gates to the city, as the empress herself, Dhaune, and her bodyguard Zelrin, went swiftly to greet the new stranger. Upon further conversation, he told his name to be Link of Urak, and Dhaune inviting him to speak in the tavern.
As the three spoke, Tul'sharess Dhaune told Link of their plan, to rid the Drow of their former captor, and free themselves from the bindings of Lloth, the since former goddess. And then create their new empire of darkness, a better version of the Drow from yesteryear, under the new guidance of their God, Slither. A statue of him being found in their new city, and guiding them into a new year.

As Dhaune wandered the land she thought to herself, “We shall be slaves no more.” Since then she had searched places far and wide; climbing mountains tall as the sky, until she came to the lovely city of Makoto-Jima. Dhaune met up with Link once more; he was training a young male in the fine craft of martial arts.

The trio began to speak once more, as they talked; the young male announced his name as “Sy.” Dhaune spoke of “A better life, a life without Lloth.” “How grand it would be if the dark empire could rid the world of the Goddess with all the constrictions. Constrictions we will not stand for ever again!” Dhaune vowed.

Soon after a female Drow made her way down the forest, Dhaune introduced herself to the lady; and after some conversation, she learned of her chaos magic, magic that the woman herself considered a curse. Dhaune was impressed by the showing, then asking the woman’s name. The lady Drow said her name was Scratch. Dhaune watched in amazement as she shifted forms of darkness and despair. Dhaune then showed some shape shifts of her own, turning into a demon, and Scartch’s chaos magic then striking the Tulsharess, angering her. Scratch then apologized, and offered a “Chalice of Despair” claimed from the depths of a dungeon itself. The Drow females; then shaking hands, agreeing to rid the world of the cursed Goddess.

Dhaune knew she had to have them on her side, so Dhaune offered her hand to form an alliance; and take Lloth out. As the five stood in a circle they knew what had to be done; Dhaune then Explaining “the only way to properly kill a spider is to remove its dirty head.”

The other four agreed and, so the quest to Kill a Goddess and gain freedom for the Drow has begun. Dhaune and Zelrin returning to their new city, and talking about their plans on how to take the head, of their former goddess. They proclaimed they would first need to scout the area around her lair out, see what spiderlings; and other monstrosities awaited them on their approach to their targets web.

They now awaited the return of their friends to begin the first step on their new quest, the quest to rid the world of a being no longer needed, a being who would be then dead; and forgotten. Her head will be a trophy for all to see at the altar where the heroes of this ferocious battle will be honored.

[Message to the staff who will help with this event I leave it up to you guys to do with this quest what you will I hope for good shard involvement thank you and I hope you like the story.] 

10  General Category / Roleplay Discussion / The rising of an empire and a new Empress on: May 20, 2015, 04:18:52 AM
As Dhaune walked in the City of darkness she knew she was home she felt a since of happiness for a short time
the empire is now open she said to her self as she walked thourhout the city she felt as if she was at home
she will not do things like they were in the past Lloth was no longer apart of thier lives Widow the Godess of darkness
lurks in the underdark this is the begining of a new era Where humans and drow mingle as one the dark empire will stand tall
as dhaune ponderd to her self Zelrin came in as the walked a deep dark laugh can be Heard This city is ours.

Dhaune Sinore takes her rightufll claim as Tulsharess of the underdark we have lived far to long Now we take in those who are ridaculed
those who are helpless with no home no family the murders the theives The lost and the damned here in the empire  you have a family.

   Oloth chu whol nindyn vel'uss xun naut alu xuil l'tulshar
11  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Hello on: May 19, 2015, 10:08:58 PM
Any one know where the fixx is to stop the stuck on verrifiyng
12  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Hello on: May 19, 2015, 02:55:35 PM
it seems i stay on verrifying
13  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Hello on: May 19, 2015, 02:53:04 PM
Good to know its up I was hoping from what i have read this server is awesome! i look forward to bring my dark drow rp to your server
14  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Hello on: May 19, 2015, 02:46:34 PM
I sent you an emial cypress not sure if my messages here are going thorugh
15  General Category / General Discussion / Hello on: May 19, 2015, 01:22:32 PM
Hello my name is charles burgess i am new here i am just checking if this server is up and running and what not if you would awnser some questions like is there alot of rp here
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