Queen of Heroes

Started by Mina, March 24, 2013, 01:58:11 PM

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 Mina...the Queen of Heroes had left the lands we Know with Thorn by her side. They had completed their destiny, won their final battles with the dark side and were left wandering the new world, looking, searching for a place to settle.  There were many nights that they would sit by a camp fire and share their stories of glory and honor with others, however, in the new world...nobody knew of the perils they faced, nobody had heard of the once great advances by the darkness. In this new world, nothing had reached it. The mighty Felucca Warriors, aided by the great heroes in the lands of Sylvan Heart had stopped the advance of the dark lords and all their evil before it reached the other worlds of the crystal shards.
  Travelling had become lonesome for the couple. They missed their old friends, the many that had come and gone, died and dissapeared as if they had never existed. Nothing more than a fleeting name in a story carried by the winds of forgotten times.
On this morning, Mina awoke to a noise...a faint whisper.....somewhere outside,  distant yet so clear....it was a voice? Calling her name, a voice of the time of heroes and legends. Calling her name, or so it seemed.
  Mina went out to her stables, made ready two horses, one for her and one for her half sister Thorn, Thorn saw and understood the resolution on Minas face. They packed all they needed for travelling and side by side, left everything behind.
  They set of, On the journey home. Looking for the lands they once called their own, To reunite the Felucca Warriors with their Queen.