New Language System!

Started by Cypress, March 18, 2013, 05:40:48 PM

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Well, we have a new language system here on Sylvan!

What you need to get started
Buy a language stone from the gold stone under the tent next to Magincia meadow.

How to use the stone
First, to choose what language you want to speak, double click the stone and make your choice from the menu. At first all your skills will be 0 however, you can speak (and teach) the language of your race even with 0 skill. Once you have chosen your language, you speak it somewhat like you use the [C command. The command is [L to speak in the chosen language.

To learn a new language
To even begin to learn a new language, you must first be taught it by another player who speaks it naturally or has 100 skill in it. To teach another player a language, double click the stone to choose what language you want to speak/teach and then use the [TeachL and target the player you want to teach. The player will gain 30 points in that language and be able to start learning it more!

To learn a language further, a player must practice listening to it and/or speaking it. You may learn when you successfully hear or speak the language. Remember, speaking longer sentences can be difficult or impossible depending on the length of the sentence and skill. The longer the sentence the less chance you have of understanding it or speaking it but the greater chance you have of learning from it if you do succeed! The better you get the longer the sentences you can speak and understand!

Hope you enjoy!
~ Admin Cypress


Wow!!  This is amazing!  I can't wait to try it out. 

Thanks for all you do!


Alright, in the interest of keeping the language system interesting and making it more RP involved, we've made some changes that I hope you will enjoy!

First, to teach a language you need 120 points in that language skill even if you are of the race that speaks the language naturally.

Second, to gain the 120 points, you first either need to have 100 points in that language or be able to speak it naturally because of your race. You must then seek out and find the book of mastery for the desired language.  Once you find the book, you must write a "thesis" and place it into the book of mastery for checking. If it is approved (it's automatic and instant - scripted), then it will remain there on display and you should then have 120 skill in that language.

The criteria for approval are as follows:
The author must be you
The title must be the name of the race/language you are seeking to master (the book of mastery should tell you exactly what the title needs to be).
The book must be a full 20 pages long.
It may not be required, but please make it good since it is to be on display :) If we find a book of nonsense your mastery might get revoked!

Third, to learn a language you must prove your worth! You must give either a virtue skull or a vile of human soul!

Please note that if you have both in your pack, it should take the virtue skull, so if you want to pay with a vile of human soul, then make sure you have that in your pack and no virtue skulls.

Hope you enjoy!
~ Admin Cypress


Ok, to clarify about the "thesis" - you can type rambling gibbering and misspell every word in the book and etc just so long as you fill the book and give it a decent effort :)

If you absolutely cannot write or fill a book to save your life... then just copy paste from the forums or something hehe. I would rather see effort put into original works myself, but I don't mind so long as it's not random keyboard pounding... that's just lame lol.


Thanks for the clarification boss


My drow has 0 skill in his natural language, but i can get his skill up to 120 just by writing a thesis?


You will see zero for your natural language until you do the thesis yes


Quote from: Garrick on August 23, 2013, 06:15:42 PM
You will see zero for your natural language until you do the thesis yes


hehe i too am having an issue with this :)