Writings of a wandering healer and zoologist studying creatures of Tokuno

Started by Cypress, December 30, 2013, 12:40:31 AM

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Many years ago pandas lived throughout the forest and plains of Tokuno, but over the years more monsters came as evil spread over the land. Rune beetles and death watch beetles multiplied greatly. Kappas, kaze kemono, Oni, and tsuki wolves moved out from the shadows and caves to claim even more land. The yomotsu, evil ninjas, fan dancers, and evil ronin also set up and grew their own operations to take advantage of the weakening forces of the good. The poor pandas are peaceful and gentle creatures. They have little fighting skill and could not defend their home against such creatures! They were eventually all but extinct. They were even thought to be extinct, but I have recently seen one during my travels! It is a very rare thing indeed to see a panda and is considered good fortune as they are symbols of friendship and peace. Perhaps one day they will be seen more often if people find and help care for them.