The lone survivor (the opening of the Labyrinth)

Started by Garrick, April 22, 2014, 03:57:46 AM

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It was dark and chill this night when a large figure staggers into Ocllo University, home of the 'Sky God' Garrick Sandor.  As the figure enters the building Garrick immediately readies his halberd for this new visitor is a Minotaur, one of the fiercest creatures of the old tales.

"Stay your weapon! I mean no harm." the creature pleads.  "State your purpose and know this is a place of peace." the lord of Ocllo replies as he lowers his weapon seeing that the creature is clearly injured.

After making the Minotaur at home within the walls of the University and tending to the most serious of wounds he hears the creatures story, one of sorrow, darkness and loss.  Will you also hear this creatures plea and choose to assist him?  Do you dare brave the newly discovered land?  Then seek out 'The Lone Survivor' and know honor.