A Mindless Journal

Started by creampuff, May 28, 2014, 03:02:39 PM

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Day 1

I am writing this journal to get what would be my thoughts down.

I can't seem to concentrate anymore. My mind is chaotic to say the least, with random ideas and feelings fluttering about. I don't remember when exactly this started. A day ago maybe. It's hard to determine.

Why am I writing? No one is going to read a dumb journal. This is pointless.

No, no, I need to explain how this began. So I can understand later. There was no real beginning. It was gradual, like a headache turning into a migraine.

I need medicine. I wonder if the next town sells medicine. No, no, I can't. Not in my condition.

Right. Migraine. It was slow, but eventually I wasn't able to concentrate at any length of time. My mind comes and goes. By the time I focus, I've already drifted off to a different subject...*there is random scratching and a vague picture of a circle of stones.*

Ah! I went off again. Oh this is torment. How is one to think with the mind scattered?

I've decided to leave. I can't be of use here like this. I must find out what's wrong. I can't take this...*scribbling makes the next several words unreadable but you are just able to make out the last line* I believe this is caused by an outside sour...*the pen mark levels and runs off the page. Blood stains a large portion of the book corner.*

((Announcing Buttercup's roleplay event! Where she goes crazy and you have to find out why! This is a teaser of the first journal of many that will appear with clues inside. Actual event date/time will be announced later. Suggestion for times is welcome so that we might have more included!))


watching very carefully!!!


How does Thursday, June 12th sound for the rp? Maybe sometime around 9 est? Then next Thursday, can be a continuing.



itd be 9 pm today. if anyone is still interested