The Stray

Started by Rei, July 08, 2014, 06:55:27 AM

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He had been spending less time at the treehouse, leaving more of the daily operations to Malik and the house maintenance to Kalador and X'ian, and more time at his hideaway.  It wasn't really hidden, just sort of out of the way from where most people would venture or assume a building like this to be.  He had intended it to be the start of a guild. Not a guild of light but a guild dedicated to the shadowy arts he had perfected years ago.  Two years ago it was, and for two years it has sat nearly vacant. 

This was where he spent a lot of his time now.  Writing his books on languages and pondering to himself on how best to spend the rest of his life.  Sis he really want to approach her about it?  Did he want it to be more than it was already?  He had already given her free run of the place and the empty room that was originally reserved for his long lost partner, taken again to the sea.  Always bad luck with women when it came to him.  It would go well for a time but then it would end.  So would it be wise to try again?  This is what he thought about now, in his room, sitting next to the fire. 

"You're just a stray now old timer" he had often told himself of late.  "Let her decide what she wants and just enjoy what comes"  He was glad nobody could hear him in his solitude, he had paid well during construction to keep his room a silent chamber to prying eyes and ears.  Contemplation took hold of him and he went deep into thought looking into the wall opposite him.  She was opposite the hall but he did not contemplate going to her, no he would always give her that privacy, no his mind went into the possibilities for the future.  Of the guild, his life, his friends, his family.  his mind always worked that way, always mapping out the possibilities so as not to be caught too off guard by whatever came.  It was an old trick he picked up early on in life to help never be disappointed when it mattered.  tonight he would contemplate, tomorrow he would move along with his life waiting to see what roads opened up to him.  He sighed, pulling a stick of sugarcane from a pouch and chewing on it as he let his old bones rest in the comfy chair by the fire as his mind worked ever so hard to chart the possible roads that would present themselves.  "Happy travels you old Stray" he whispered as he let his mind wander.


*The time had come to leave the Vale, to retire to the hideaway.  Everything was packed from the treehouse and the care of it left to X'ian.  He could use it for his business, or burn it to the ground, the old cat had little interest in the building anymore.  He had seen Kalador go on his way to adventures he would not share, the Old Wolf rarely visited him any more and he just had little attachment left to the vale.

Making his way towards the guild hall he reminisces about older days with the denizens of this place.  The smells of the Inn when Rease still ran it,  the odd sounds from Biki's house, the sounds of animals from Redhawk stables.  Those days were behind him now.  His hammer was getting heavier in his hands when he ventured out for adventure.  It was coming time to make a change.  The first change started here, at the guild hall.  The time had come to retire fully.  He knew Kal would never leave, nor approve.  He knew Guin would be upset, Malik and Ardin too, but he would still be around, just in another land.  And so it was that he struck his name from the active roster of Marketvalle and followed his moving team to the hideaway to train potential new blood in the ways of the shadows.*

<<I know this isn't too well fleshed out but I am tired as I write this lol.  Yes Rei is retiring from Marketvalle, maybe not immediately but at some point, and will start on a path I had first portrayed him as in old school text RP.  His persona will not change, just some of his character traits.  Kal will still be Kal and X'ian will still be around to craft things>>


I look forward to meeting thee anew Old Man!! 


Journal entry of Rei Threnshaw:

I have been away from the Valle for some time now.  I still hold my membership for the time being but I feel it only for nostalgia reasons.  Over the last few days some of the Drow have come to the surface and taken over the old city outside Umbra.  They prattle on about some great threat posed by the Spider Queen, Lloth and that only some snake, Slither, can save us all.  Typical power struggle of 'Gods' in my opinion. 

I feel kind of bad about the tree house collecting dust in my absence but I do so prefer the freedom I have found once more.  Only time will tell if I ever return to living there........... *the rest of the page is ripped out*