Shaman Magic of Chaos

Started by Cypress, November 25, 2014, 07:33:56 PM

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So the magical ways of chaos intrigue you? Well, there is one place to learn it! You enter the tower on the south side of the village to speak to one of the shaman mages there...

What do you want!? You're breaking my concentration! Oooh, you want to learn the ways of chaos magic do you?  Well, to learn the ways of chaos you must start like a child! Unlearn all that you know for in chaos the order and mysteries of magic unravel! You must go into the cave of trials where you will be tested. If you pass, then you may be permitted to learn the ways of chaos magic! Do you accept this challenge?

Yes indeed, the new magery system is here! Go to the Chaos barbarian village and into the mage tower to begin the quest! To acquire all the spells you will need to find and fight marauder shaman. All spells except whisper casting also require at least 50 evaluate intelligence skill to cast.

There are ten spells total for now, and like the druid system, there are also corresponding commands that can be used instead of clicking the buttons in the book. The spells and their commands are:

Random gate
This opens a random gate into Felucca. However, using such unstable magic has its ill effects...

Whisper casting
Hide then use whisper cast and then cast spells without being revealed for a short time. There is a cool down on it so that it can't be used over and over again too quickly.

Summon elemental golem
This randomly summons an energy golem, rock golem, crystal golem, or lava golem. They take up different amounts of follower slots, so if you want a chance at the stronger ones, you will want to have more follower slots available!

Teleport other
This randomly teleports targets while hiding and removing them from combat.

Blades of fury
This summons a cloud of angry bladed spirits. It will take up all available follower slots, and the more it takes the stronger it is! It cannot be dispelled and uses whirlwind every time it strikes.

Polymorph harm
This mass curses enemies in the targeted area turning them into various creatures.

Polymorph help
This blesses the target changing it into various creatures. However, with chaos magic being unstable as it is, it can "backfire" on the polymorphing part, so you may end up as a blessed chicken or something!

Summon storm
This summons a brief electrical storm to zap enemies.

Hand of fate
This sends a blast of mixed magical energy at a random target including the caster! Gain higher evaluate intelligence skill for less chance of it will targeting you!

Gaze of entropy
This randomly changes the land in the targeted area dealing damage to enemies that are standing on it.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please pass them onward! Thanks to all those who helped test it out! Also, you might notice a few improvements if you try it now :)

~ Admin Cypress