Ember Eyes (New Quest)

Started by Cypress, February 02, 2015, 10:47:43 PM

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On your way looking for adventure you enter a village and find ratmen, humans, and even a kitsune living peacefully together. There are also some rats who look like ninjas. One of them notices you watching and comes to speak to you.

"Hello traveler," she greets you, "I am Ember eyes, leader of this clan. What brings you here? If you seek us, we may be for hire... if we like the job and the price is right."

"You're mercenaries?" you ask.

"One must live... Despite our skills, honor, and even our loyalty to Makoto, we are not well accepted among the humans and kitsunes except here in this small village. We're hunters, gatherers, mercenaries, thieves, and assassins normally doing the work no-one else wants or has time to do, but we still choose carefully who we work for," she says with a look of warning, "We have our honor. We raid the evil ninja, samurai, and orc clans that roam the land. We kill rune beetles and deathwatch beetles. We even collect hides and shells for crafters. We're also the only free clan left for hire against Bone Grinder's clan!" she boasts.

"Bone Grinder?" you ask not recognizing the name.

"He is a rat as well but has no honor and is loyal only to himself," she explains, "He murdered the leaders of the other rat clans so that he could take control. We are one of the few remaining free clans and the only one strong enough to be hired against him."

"Sounds good. Would you like a hand?" you offer figuring this may be the adventure you were looking for.

"So, you want to help?" she replies somewhat surprised, "Hmm... we could use an extra hand this time. This mission is a tough one, so we need as many of the clan as we can take. Still, we try to leave at least two guarding the village when we leave, so you can stay with Tichikar and guard the village while we're away. We'll pay when we return. Do you accept?"

And so begins your simple quest of guarding for a little extra gold, but things may change...

The quest begins in a small village just a bit north of the Tokuno Isamu-Jima gate. Use the quest tile to progress in the quest. Tell it yes when you are ready to begin a part of the quest or no if you would rather wait a bit. The quest is repeatable and partly because the reward isn't the only thing available to acquire ;)

Hope you enjoy!
~ Admin Cypress

will parrish

New Goodies!!!!!!!! Thanks to you as always and the other staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 :( emmm, i broke it again.  think it was because i was standing on the tile when spawn came up. it asked me if i want to start next part but i was already killing stuff so i cliicked it off,  now it wont spawn the rest of what i need to kill and i cant get back ionto the tile.  paged for help but i am in wrong timezone i thinks


I think I've got it fixed now to where it shouldn't break but that even if somehow it does, it should reset itself.


 ;D thank you oh great skygud  8) ;)


Hello I just got thru do this Quest I like it its one of the better ones that I have done in a long time not to hared you done have to running all over the place and it did make me stop and think about what I was killing.

                            good job with it and thank you Sky Gods