The rising of an empire and a new Empress

Started by jugoson254, May 20, 2015, 04:18:52 AM

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As Dhaune walked in the City of darkness she knew she was home she felt a since of happiness for a short time
the empire is now open she said to her self as she walked thourhout the city she felt as if she was at home
she will not do things like they were in the past Lloth was no longer apart of thier lives Widow the Godess of darkness
lurks in the underdark this is the begining of a new era Where humans and drow mingle as one the dark empire will stand tall
as dhaune ponderd to her self Zelrin came in as the walked a deep dark laugh can be Heard This city is ours.

Dhaune Sinore takes her rightufll claim as Tulsharess of the underdark we have lived far to long Now we take in those who are ridaculed
those who are helpless with no home no family the murders the theives The lost and the damned here in the empire  you have a family.

   Oloth chu whol nindyn vel'uss xun naut alu xuil l'tulshar