Life of Bob

Started by Cypress, July 01, 2015, 03:51:16 PM

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Ah the wonderfully mundane life of a town crier, such was the life of Bob the Magincia town crier, and he liked it! For many years he stood faithfully by the teleport location of the Magincia meadow ready to give the latest news. Apart from the occasional message to broadcast to all meadow visitors life was pretty dull. Sometimes he was appreciated but many times was disrespected or turned invisible or got pie thrown in his face by people fussing about how loud he was, but that was his job! He needed to be loud to let everyone know the latest news! What would they do without him? But, overall he figured he was appreciated. Yes, he liked his mundane life and generally peaceful job.

Still, every so often he wondered... what would it be like to venture out, to go.... across the meadow! All the visitors to the meadow came and went and walked all over the place. Even the animals in the meadow moved around, but not him. He recalled to his spot every day and stood.... and stood... and stood. He never moved and hardly even flinched. What would it be like... to move across the meadow? But, it was not allowed, so he simply didn't until one day...

One day Emmaline Oxford visited the meadow. She was a meadow regular. She was bored this time waiting for some hunt to start or something. She suddenly turned to him and cast a spell, "Por Ex An Lor." Suddenly he was turned invisible and swept across the meadow into the pond! "What!? Well hmm," he thought, "I didn't move myself, but I have still moved... I guess this is alright." "I may or may not be responsible for Bob being in the pond," Emmaline called out jokingly. In moments Cypress teleported to the meadow to find Bob standing knee deep in the meadow pond. "Oh no!" Bob thought, "Now I'm in trouble!" But Cypress didn't seem upset, but rather puzzled. He raised his eyebrow, "Now how did you do this Emma?" He moved Bob back to his assigned location and then vanished away. "Ah, that wasn't so bad," Bob thought, "Maybe Emma will teleport me again some time, and I can visit other areas of the meadow... maybe even the tent nearby! Wow, oh the possibilities!"

After some prodding by Kalador, Emmaline finally revealed the secret of how she teleported Bob. Then Cypress spoke and seemed rather amused by it. After they left Cypress became curious... I wonder... "Rel Sanct Vas Ylem!" And suddenly Bob was a giant rat warrior... "Rel Sanct Vas Ylem!" and then a shadow knight!


Yes, life just got interesting for Bob.


LOL the power of Chaos shall not be under-estimated.   Alas, those how weild the powers of Chaos no not even a portion of its power.  To all who possess this mystical power beware for it's bite can be quite vicious.


he may or may not of went missing again...