A return

Started by Tal Lothian, September 15, 2015, 07:54:14 PM

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Tal Lothian

The yellow harvest moon played peek-a-boo, as it dipped in and out of the lazily drifting clouds of an autumn night. The crickets and frogs were filling the air with their nightly serenade when suddenly they fell silent. The gentle breeze quelled and the air hung heavy in anticipation. It was not long before the wait was over as a bolt of lighting ripped through the night streaking to the ground and exploding in a shower of dirt and stone. Smoldering rock and scattered flames illuminated a figure rising from the center of the blast. Azure wings flared, extinguishing the fires, eyes that looked as if they housed the lightning gazed across the horizon.  These lands... so familiar... A rush of memories flooded in as the breeze returned. Yes, he knew this place. It was a place of sanctuary. Could it be that he was sent back to enjoy respite from the wars that had taken him away? No, that was not it, he sensed a shift. Subtle but yet it was there, a quiet keening  at the edge of his conscience. The lands and it's people again needed guarding. From the forest behind him a familiar voice beckoned him, "There is much to be done." Cypress spoke, his voice like the wind through the leaves. With one more glance across the sylvan expanse, Tal turned and faded into the forest. His watch had begun.