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Started by Cypress, November 11, 2016, 07:51:35 PM

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Admin Alder Ogham has retired. He graciously and faithfully served as the forum and website host for our family here at Sylvan for probably over ten years! I am now taking over as the forum and site host and have moved things to a new location and host to take care of them. Alder, you have been a very important part of this family, and we thank you greatly for all you have done both during your time as an in-game administrator and as our forum and site host. I hope you still come back and visit us, and I wish you well in your travels! Thank you again :)

Alder Ogham

Aww, thanks Cypress,

Apologies to all for the unplanned downtime, unfortunately my hosting got hacked so I wasn't able to do much about it.

I'm really glad that Sylvan continues to exist.

Be amazing to each other!
(ex-)Admin Alder Ogham


Hi Admin Alder.  I'm sorry to see you go and also sorry I didn't have time to meet you.  I guess I should have posted something to trash talk Cypress or something then maybe you and I could have chatted.  hehe. 

Seriously though, Sorry I missed you and will continue to watch for you to pop in. 
Thank you for your time and I'm sure heartaches you have given to all of as at Sylvan Heart. 

Alaric McCree

I wish you well! You will be missed.
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Thank you for all you have done for Sylvan. ;D :D ;)
You Will Be Missed. :-[

Farewell Alder Ogham.

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