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Author Topic: Sylvan (and others) under Linux  (Read 9980 times)
Alder Ogham
Ancient Lich
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« on: April 29, 2007, 10:59:59 PM »

Okay, this isn't a "how to do it" or a step by step guide, just the results of the troubles I've had under Linux getting something to work.

If you're not technical, I really wouldn't bother, because all there is here is hints.

Some notes :
  • The most recent wine is always the best - use yum or apt-get or whatever your distro uses to install the latest version they have
  • Razor - WILL NOT WORK, requires .net and that's a huge nono
  • UOGateway - Requires Internet Explorer, see below
  • Manual - if you use this option, be prepared to have to re-install if you need to connect to another shard!
  • Please don't ask me questions about this stuff - the variations of distribution, configuration etc. of Linux' are too much for me to do anything but repeat what I've said here.

UOGateway :

As I've mentioned above, UOGateway needs IE to work, so, the easiest way to achieve this is to use the wonderful ies4linux script.  This will create "wine bottles" in something like .ies4linux in your home directory.  Use the script to install IE6, then take the "winebottle" (Last I recall ~/.ies4linux/ie6) and use it as the base for your wine installation (~/.wine) - hopefully this command will do that once you have ie6 installed :

mv ~/.ies4linux/ie6 ~/.wine

but make sure you have a backup of your wine config and move it out of the way first if you already have a ~/.wine

Once you have IE installed under wine, you can then procede to install UO and UOGateway.  You might even be able to browse to the forum under IE and click the one-click link!


Be warned - this is not fun!

Install UO and know where it is.
for EACH and EVERY file in the UO program directory, ensure that the filename is either all uppercase or all lowercase - only use one, don't go for CLIENT.EXE and mapdif1.mul !
extract any patches into a directory and do the same for them.
If the patch directory doesn't contain a login.cfg, copy the original from the UO directory in, and edit it so you only have one server, and port 2593 is standard, instead of 7777
once both the UO folder and the patch folder contain all upper or lower case files, you can then back up if you wish the main program dir, then copy the contents of the patch folder into the main folder.
THEN!  (you thought you were done? haha)
download and run (under wine of course) UORice This will remove the client encryption.
to play, run "wine NO_CRYPT_CLIENT.EXE" (might not be uppercase, I wrote a script back when which uppercased all the files, so I could do this regularly)


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