Started by Afreyoo, April 20, 2017, 09:58:19 PM

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* Musicians set up musical instruments. Sounds of the drum and lute are heard *

- Hey guys! Could you play something funny? This is an important event for me and a great celebration! And where is your third musician who plays the harp?

- He was wounded while we walked in here. It was in the forests of Minoс.

- Someday I'll deal with these scoundrels. In the meantime, my friend Garark can play the drum, and one of you sit down at the harp.

Few days ago:
Sylvan Heart and his people greeted me warmly and affably. So I decided to stay here and help as much as I can in the fight against the evil that lurks in the caves and hides the forests.

For a long time I was looking for a suitable place for my house. I have searching it in forests of Britannia and mountains of Minoc. Isles of Tokuno and Malaas. Hills, deserts and swamps of Lost Lands. And I found it in the cave of Delucia. This is a pretty quiet and calm place. And finally I settled here. And with the help of friends built a small workshop in which I can stop and relax after hunting, working and selling some goods. Everything what we need.

Construction took too much time. It's good that there are a lot of mountains here so there were no problems with stones.  Days and nights we have been worked. And when we have built, we have made a big feast.

Guys, thank you very much!


Congratulations on the new shop! I enjoyed visiting it :)


Thank You, Cpt_Starfox!
And I was glad when You have come! I am appreciate it  :)


Oh I forgot lol! I guess I should tell you I'm Link of Urak :)


Link of Urak is great teacher, hunter and druid of the Sylvan Heart!  :)


Thank you! I'm honored :)