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Started by RunningWild, July 13, 2017, 06:16:15 AM

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First of all one i find really annoying is that while valorite fletching tool is available on the VS store and at the same cost of varlorite Runic hammer its not available on vet rewards .
Im guessing that maybe the item existed after the vet rewards were set up.

Another item i requested before and is really badly needed is similar tier tinker tools.I imagine it would be easy enough to implement as you just apply the same properties as val hammer etc to the tool.
The reason this is a big deal is because 2 of the most commonly used poisoning weapons in UO require tinker tools to craft.Cleaver is one my personal favorite UO weapons of all time but without a val tinker set it leaves me forced looking to whatever options i can craft with val hammer for obvious reasons.

Gargoyles quest -  even though it may be considered mid tier it really is the gateway quest for players to get somewhat decently geared to engage in much of the custom content.Im suggesting one of the following changes to help the newer players a bit.
Option 1 - decrease the frequency of the elemental bosses skill that freezes you.
Option 2 - decrease the frequency of elemental spawns from the boss
Option 3 - slight rework of boss spawn location so as to be in an area where the Gargoyles cant respawn and kill the new player with ease.

I know we have custom classes in game but maybe one could be worked on to encourage players to use sword and board.Regardless of the argument of extra stats because an extra piece of equipment  i feel this server heavily pushes warriors to useing 2 handed weapons.partly due to the existing new classes that wield staff and also because on this server bushido is showing to have such a huge advantage over sword and board in combat.

Player towns - How about creating some interesting player towns with their own moongate in the centre.
Admin could choose what buildings to put there to create the town and then put the townhouse buildings on an auction event.
The way i´d work the auction for this would be 1 town house allowed per account.
Bidding on auction could be done by VS or gold(whichever seems better idea)
Larger houses in the town would also have minimum reserves but if nobody could meet the reserve they´d be available again at the next auction event.
You could even phase them in like say have custom auction events but only 1 or 2 of the houses get unlocked for auction each week or month.
The benefits from these player towns would be that they would be moongate acessible meaning it would be a lot better for new players and old players too that could go there and check out peoples vendors.

Player venders -  Half those teleport spots lead to places without vendors.Can they they inactive ones be deactivated and instead place the locations into a player rune library book?


Runic fletching tools: giving it some thought

Runic tinkering tools: not sure how difficult that would actually be, but worth looking into.

Gargoyle quest: unlikely to change

sword/shield vs 2-hand/bushido: The rune augments for shields are working now which makes sword/shield a bit more of a viable alternative to 2-hand/bushido.

Player towns: We have guild towns and houses that can be bought in special locations for donations/vs. Also, considering each player can have five houses, you can pretty much make a town of your own. I've built towns on single 18x18 plots even. So, unlikely to do this one.

Player vendors: These do need to be updated when I can get around to it, but bear in mind too that some vendors (at least one I can think of) use an "honor system" meaning there is no npc vendor.


With Cypress' permission I can Visit each teleport tile and verify that there is a vendor located at that tile and if not turn off the tile so as to not be able to tele from Moonglow.


I do agree with this one for sure, there are a few vendor locations that are no longer being maintained and should be shut off.
Here here


Regarding, Runic Fletching Kits, just as an FYI there is a mob in game that can drop any kind of Runic Fletching kit (I think with random charges). It can be beaten with strategy by moderately equipped players (if they don't mind a few potential deaths) or just endured by end-game players. You'll find it in the wilds near to Umbra.

I have nothing negative to say about giving sword and board characters some attention, but they aren't as weak as some people make them out to be...as a matter of fact I have been toying with the idea of either making a sword board character for top end Fel content out of one of my alts or simply just changing my name sake. Bushido's attractiveness is born out of how well it synergise with some of the custom systems especially when facing some of the mobs here.

I agree we need Runic Tinker tools, I also ask that Runic Carpentry tools also be added as one of most useful base weapons in the game is being left to rot simply because there is no way to make a runic version of it...it also happens to be a one handed weapon thus why I have an interest in it lol.