[Hurricane Nate]

Started by Llewellyn, October 07, 2017, 06:43:24 PM

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Greetings all fellow Sylvanites,

Sadly "Real Life" rears its ugly head again and it seems like the rain-check I received with Harvey, Irma, and Maria has come time to be cashed.
Nate is scheduled to arrive at my door-step within 12 hours and I have secured and tired down everything that I can. I took the time this morning to do a complete server backup (both local, remote, and on a USB key) and have started turning off all non-essential electronics on the same backup battery. I am going to leave it up and running for as long as it can (hopefully forever) but the weather gets to decide that ultimately.

I am not worried about my house, property, or the server itself. Mainly my concern is downtime due to power/internet outages. The backup batteries should coast us through any temporary outages, but anything over an hour will get us.
I am leaving now to drive out of the path, Hopefully keep you guys all updated and I learn things.


Alaric McCree

Stay safe my friend. We will be fine once your safely returned home. 

Sometimes the dragon wins, that's why there is such a shortage of white knights.


I trust that you and your family will be safe and all will be good in a day or so.


Thanks for the well-wishes. It seems like they were quite expedient since Nate has come and gone and there is no damage anywhere near my house. I am glad to report that I have returned home safe and sound. Not even the crappy privacy fence I have been wishing would blow down had a board missing :(

Seems like service was uninterrupted for the duration and things are running smoothly as ever.
Time once again for me to fade back into the shadows, where I sit and watch the world turn.
Always watching.



Glad to hear you are safe and sound and that all went smoothly! Welcome back friend :)