Started by Afreyoo, April 15, 2017, 03:03:20 AM

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Big ship come in to the port of Magincia isle. Passengers hurry to step on the shore and to rest a little. Journey was not safe. There many sea monsters which need to afraid. So almost everyone was hold weapons until landing. They are carry big boxes, bags and crates. Only one have no bags. Actually, he have not much things at all. Only small book, which he wrote spending time in traveling by forests and valleys. This book contain knowledge about Wolven race. His name is Afreyoo. And he is me.

I am alien for this lands. Almost don't know local speech. But i hear, read and learn it. I am young and almost nothing can to do. Except hiding, moving in stealth and animal taming.

Not so far away from port there a tailors shop "Stitchin' Time". And I come to there to learn and to find any job. Master Summer was kind to give few lessons tailoring for low price and said what he always has work for me as for tailor and hunter. Also, he told about different kinds of skins. But not told where can find these. Instead this he give advice to talk with hunters. Better with archers.

So, after talking with people, i deside to become hunter and tailor. It is according with my wolven nature. To live under open sky in the forest, looking on the moon at night - this is best what can to wish for me.


Great introduction story! Welcome to Sylvan Afreyoo :)


wow,,,very nice story


Thank you very much, guys!
To bee continued  :)