From distant shores

Started by Rei, February 22, 2020, 06:25:43 AM

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It had been years since last looking upon home.  They had been away adventuring in lands foreign and strange, guided only by their sense of adventure and sleeping under the protection of only their senses.  The one, looking human, but with keen senses and the aura of the wolf.  The other a felinus, now going gray, and with weary bones aching for home.  Would anyone remember them?  Would their homes still be intact?  Would they be welcome to the lands they once prowled and ruled?  Only time would tell.......

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You are greeted by the sudden, loud appearance of a strange and old looking creature... person... with dragon wings, fox ears and tail, and a long beard.

Hello old friend! Welcome back!

((You are most definitely remembered :) Your account looks to be just fine  :) I'll drop you a pm on the forums.))