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Author Topic: A quiet evening...  (Read 3003 times)
Tsibi Ka
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« on: November 23, 2017, 08:53:14 PM »

Although he had other things on his mind, Gathalimay could not help but notice how still the world seemed.  For a moment he thought that perhaps it were some malign influence from the crystal, but he quickly wrote it off as paranoia.  Many of the citizens of Britannia seemed to go about their business as normal, but he could not seem to find any of his friends, acquaintances or even a decent rival. 

The blade was made with good, strong Minoc iron and had a wickedly sharp edge.  Yan's mind briefly flitted to what kinds of man or beast may fall to it and even he felt something amiss, if only for a second, before his thoughts moved on to his next creation, throwing the blade down in the pile by his side and turning his attention to the forge beside him.

Thewraek tilted his head and listened to the wind, feeling the stillness in his body slowly echoed by the stillness of his mind.  The air itself felt thin, empty - peaceful, certainly - and devoid of the voices that rang out into the ether.  It was not an entirely unpleasant sensation, yet it also somehow felt unusual and atypical.  While it lasted, he intended to immerse himself in it, slowly closing his eyes and welcoming the voice into himself.

(I hope all of my American friends are having a wonderful thanksgiving and get to spend it with people they care about and if not, have the chance to find some peace and quiet and to enjoy the moment.  I will see you soon.)
White Wyrm
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« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2017, 03:58:47 PM »

Peraps dis quiet ye speak of can be blamed on a very small elven creature.  Peraps certain beings are mess'n round wit small, very small fragments of a once powerful item.  Peraps we should all BEWARE!!
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