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Started by Admin Acacia, December 05, 2006, 07:33:21 PM

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Admin Acacia

As most all of you know, if you have been here for very long, we are preparing for a major graphic move to get Sylvan Heart more in line to use newer  UO things, like ML artwork.   

To make our big custom graphic switch over, we will have to unfreeze parts of the world, make changes and freeze it back again.   This will allow us to change some odd little deco and graphic things that were frozen in time when Sylvan Dreams was in its infancy.   This is where you players come in.

Please mark a rune and page staff with it, if you can.  In your post in the forums, use the [where coordinates are your topic's title, and include the following:
1. Name of the town, and building, don't forget to mention which Facet.
2. The coordinates; you can find these by typing [where
3. State what graphic is out of place.
As I said, if you can mark a rune to give to Staff, or page Staff to mark their own, it will be a great help.

I do want to try and not have 20 posts about the same graphic issue, so please look at the posts there before you add yours.   

Thank you all so much.

Never be less than your dreams.


Is there possibly some way for staff to lock down a ticket or other designated item near the graphic once it is recorded so that someone who comes across it knows that it has been recorded and doesn't page or post about a previously recorded item?
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Admin Acacia

Never be less than your dreams.