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Author Topic: Rules of Engagement  (Read 4086 times)
« on: June 23, 2006, 10:27:39 PM »

Ill repost the original bits and pieces that Valius posted for possible rules of engagement in the coming war.  Feel free to restart this discussion on this thread.

CoRE Rules of Engagement

Code of Conduct
Stay In Character (IC) at all times. Remember what your character's background is, and act and speak in a manner appropriate to that.

Keep all OOC talk in party or ICQ. [Square brackets] should only be used as a very last resort.

The RoE and Combat rules must be followed when involved in a combat situation.

No profanity or OOC insulting, neither to an enemy nor to each other; we are a community of friends first and foremost. This applies equally to in game, via party or on the message boards.

Complaints, grievances or any other issues should be brought to the attention of your respective Guildmaster in the first instance, or Assistant Guildmasters if the GM is unavailable via ICQ or PM, preferably after any event is over.

All skills for every character must be shown on the MyUO section of

Your guild abbreviation has to be visible at all times.

When recalling or gating to Vesper or Trinsic, use the moongates or another location several screens away from town as your point of arrival. Do not use runes marked just outside the town gates or inside town.
Third Party Involvement
If there is a real potential of a third party interfering (hovering with intent to loot a body) the participants in combat may choose to end the combat by emoting *CEASE*. Note that through game dynamics this may take a few seconds to be adhered to. Also note that such opportunist looting can only happen in Felucca.

If and how far players play along with attacks and storylines from players outside CoRE and its applicant list is up their own judgement.
DO NOT use your CoRE character to go out PKing. You may of course defend yourself if you are attacked in Felucca, but you should not actively PK blues.

CoRE Rules of Engagement

Code of Engagement
The CoRE RoE have to be adhered to at all times. The only exception is if the guildmasters have agreed any other temporary RoE for the duration of a certain scenario, and only if those RoE do not violate the rules of engagement of those guilds with other guilds. Any violations of the RoE are to be handled by the GMs involved.

All CoRE member guilds will be warred to all other CoRE member guilds. Guilds are free to war any non-CoRE guild of their choice outside of this ring.

Before attacking any other character, make sure they are logged in, at their keyboard, and aware they are about to come under attack. Before attacking, make sure you give a short warning “Halt!” “Have at you”, "You are under arrest", etc, and make sure they react to it. These rules do not apply to assassins working on a contract agreed by the Guildmasters concerned. Assassins may attack from a hidden position. Assassins should ensure that the person knows there is a bounty on them OOC, though definitely not IC. This ensures that the person will be OOC aware of the situation, and they won’t be daft enough to stand AFK, leaving the assassination open to a griefing claim of “I wasn’t there!!”

Players must be given an alternative to PvP, they cannot be forced to fight. A player may choose to refuse PvP through appropriate RP, ie a victim could run away, or plead for mercy. In that case, the aggressor should take fitting action, such as demanding payment, take the victim prisoner, or chase him away etc.

The insides of healers and banks are considered neutral grounds; you may not attack or RP out alternatives there.

Make sure that any fallen players are resurrected and allowed to loot their bodies as soon as possible. With the change in UO, it is now possible to resurrect those you are at war with (orange status). After the battle, if they are still there in ghost form, feel free to resurrect them.

If you get knocked unconscious (killed to the more brutal minded) IC, then you are considered injured for thirty minutes. In that time you must keep your deathrobe on. You may not join the battle, or do any other demanding chores IC. You may RP being injured, and as such talk with others, but you may not help or interfere with any ongoing battle in any way. You should also not log in a different character to rejoin a battle with.

While a character is gathering his orher belongings from his or her body they should keep their deathrobeson. This indicates to other players that the character is unattackable, and means the player cannot attack. A player should only loot his orher own body when the fighting has moved away from them as autoloot automatically drops the deathrobe to the ground and in the heat of battle people can get attacked that way. Once you have looted put your deathrobe back on, and retreat from battle.

If you are a part of an attacking force that is repelled, then you should stay away from the target you attacked for at least two hours. This is to ensure that the defenders get a period of time to recover, and to space the attacks over a realistic period of time.

If you run more than 3 screens away from the scene of a battle you have fled the battle and are not permitted to rejoin it.

Combat Limitations

No mounts.

No magic jewellery, except pure Nightsight jewellery.

No use of jewellery to enhance skills enough to cast lasting spells (ie wraithform, vampire form etc). These spells must be dispelled before entering into any roleplay area unless you have the corresponding skill at the required level to cast.

No magic items.

No Runic items even if you have the Blacksmithy skill.

Normal explosion potions may only be used by GM Alchemists; Greater explosion potions are banned.

Mages/Necromancers/Paladins are not allowed to use summons or area spells for aid in fighting. The only exceptions to this are Arch Cure, Wall of Stone and Energy Field.

Characters must have at least 70% poisoning to used poisoned blades. They may use any poison up to Greater Poison on their blades, with an upper limit of Deadly Poison applied to the victim through the use of Poisoning Skill and/or the Necromancy Spell Evil Omen. Lethal Poison may only be used in agreement between the assassin and his quarry as part of a storyline (or by a licensed assassin filling a contract).

Tamers are allowed to use up to two pets in RP PvP. The following are NOT allowed (this means both active use and passive use, such as guarding you while RPing): White Wyrm, Dragon, Drake, Nightmare, Fire Steed, Ki-rin, Unicorn, Bake Kitsune, Hiryu, Lesser Hiryu, and Rune Beetle.

Orcs may use Orc Bows, and Savages may use Tribal Spears.

Guildmasters may allow their members touse magical weapons, jewellery and armour in PvM at their discretion. If you use such equipment, make sure you carry GM equipment just in case, and that you swap weapons and armour if needed.

Regarding the Ninjitsu animal forms:

Rabbit and Rat
Useable outside of combat. These are both stealth forms.

Cat and Dog
Useable outside of combat. These are both infiltration forms.

Giant Serpent and Bullfrog
Banned due to automatic poison attack.

Ostard and Llama
Usable outside of combat, due to mounted combat rules.

Wolf and Bake-Kitsune
Useable in combat. These are the only forms a Ninja can enter combat in.

Unicorn and Kirin
Usable outside of combat, due to mounted combat rules.
None of these rules apply in Felucca against non-roleplaying guilds. Here you may use or wear magical weapons and/or armour; and cast any spells you wish, since we cannot always expect the citizens of that facet to abide by any rules of engagement or conduct. Do expect to be completely looted if you die though.

DO NOT use your CoRE character to go out PKing. You may of course defend yourself if you are attacked in Felucca, but you should not actively PK blues.

Stealing Skill

Any character with the stealing skill must be pointed out by their player to their respective Guildmaster.

The use of the stealing skill is only allowable in combination with at least 70 in the skill of snooping.

Allowable items for stealing include food, drinks, gems and up to 500 gold coins per victim.

Each member of CoRE must carry a bag dyed bright yellow. Items contained in this bag are considered stealable for thieves. There is no restriction as to what items may be placed in the bag.

If no bright yellow bag is carried by the victim, the thief may steal a single GM made weapon from the victim. The weapon can be restituated to the victim in exchange for the sum of 500 gold coins.

Quest-related items should be placed in the bright yellow bag to allow role-playing thieves to involve themselves in quests and acquire such items.


CoRE operates a system of recognised assassins and assassination contracts for the Europa RP community.

Assassins get certain exemptions from the normal RoE: They are allowed to attack from hidden, they do not have to give their victim a verbal warning, and assassins may use deadly poison (if they have the required poisoning skill).

Victims WILL NO LONGER BE INFORMED BEFOREHAND OOC IF THERE IS A PRICE ON THEIR HEAD. Only their GM will be informed, and a note explaining that they have been victim of an assassination attempt will be placed on their body.

Upon being successfully "assassinated", the victim must remain in deathrobes and not take an active role in game for the remainder of the evening. You may RP "being wounded" but you should generally be badly wounded and probably stay in bed, if you're not straight unconscious. If you want to RP injured for longer that is your choice.

Anyone who can afford it can place a contract for assassination on any other RP character, however no more than one contract may be placed on any character per month. For more information, please see this thread.

To make sure you're never the target of an assassination attempt, post the names of your characters here.

Any RPer is free to apply to join the assassins. To do so, PM the assassins guildmaster a brief character background, the character's skills, and your contact details.

Assassins may accept contracts directly, without going through the Registry of Contracts, but they'll have to fill those within the standard RoE (i.e. no hidden, no DP, and must warn before attack).

« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2006, 10:46:51 PM »

Thanks buddy, you saved me a great arse-ache there.
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2006, 11:21:33 PM »

Wow, I must say you impress me...

We could name you the official Archivist Wink
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2006, 11:30:13 PM »

*chuckles* I didnt manage to save all the main posts unfortunatly, only what I had in my history. 
Glad I could be of some use though *smile*
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