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Author Topic: Strange Earth  (Read 1545 times)
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« on: November 28, 2020, 06:15:13 PM »

Part 1

Mira hammered away at the floor of the mine just over in Minoc. She'd been at it for hours, taking a
break now and then when her body demanded it. It was the dreams, you see. The dreams she had of
a powerful wizard trapped under the earth for no-telling how long. She, the wizard, had come every
night to lay out the plan of how to free her. First, find the box. It was a fine box, a box made of ebon
wood, a box with fine carvings on the lid, the body, the sides. "Let me out," she said, "and I shall reward

It was the only way, Mira knew, the only way to rid herself of the tall, dark woman who stood at the edge
of her bed, moon-pale glistening like lilies. "Let me out, and I shall reward you," she said, said now with a
voice that took no "yes, buts," or "I would but" from anyone, so Mira kept digging.

Mira found a bit of contentment in the search. She hit a patch of earth she took for iron, and so took the dig
in a easterly direction. "Free me and you shall be rewarded," the dark lady promised. But oh, Mira thought,
what reward would that be? Best she could dream of was a book on magic, that way she could summon up
food when she was starving...right about now. be continued.

"Hell has many languages; which one did you want to learn this time?"
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