Ore: The storied question

Started by Isabeth, November 28, 2020, 09:22:45 PM

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I did attempt to research this but the "search" function lied to me or was being mean, so thus the questions.
As a noob miner, I seem to be expecting to see different ore varieties as I level up. Is this true by your experience?
Also, is there an advantage at going 120 in mining versus 100?
Last, what about smithing at 120. What are the advantages?

Many thanks.
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Yes as you level mining you will have a better chance of mining the more advanced ores. The advanced ores are spot specific tho, so being a mage and marking runes will be an asset for you. Increasing the skill also increases your chance of smelting ingots, ie; don't smelt your valorite until your skill is maxed so you don't waste the rare ore. Mining and smithing are the same skill as far as I remember.

Good luck and welcome


"Hell has many languages; which one did you want to learn this time?"


Mining and smithing are different but very connected as miners dig up the ore that smiths use  ;). As durtger tips, you can use a special prospecting tool to tell what kinds of ore are in an area. I believe the tool also upgrades the ore type by one level  8). As Dolos pointed out, it may be a very good idea to have a little magery allowing you to mark runes to the locations of various rare ores you find.