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Started by Jager, April 25, 2007, 04:46:46 AM

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As he laid his war hammer on the wall hooks and shed his armor, he reflected on the hunt just past. Over his long and glorious journey through this life he had see many things. Wonderous things that were beyond comprehension, evil things that shriveled snakes and bats with its presence, and sorrow beyond compare. Tonight tho..... tonight was something new.

Out in the unknown lands of this place called "Felucca" dwelled horror....  Now readers of this tale don't be misled, our hero had been to similar lands in most respects, even to the name, but this "Felucca" was something altogether different. The scenery looked familiar, the towns like they had before, even the swamps had that same 'essence'.... Yet it was still different. The towns were not inhabited by the gentle folk of Sosaria nor even the packs of murders and brigands that sometimes claimed dominion of the land;  instead they were filled with horrors beyond imagining. Horrors that were stronger and more vicious than anything that he had ever seen before. Horrors that he knew would haunt his dreams untill he could go back, stand toe to toe with them, and laugh in their face but get away with it this time.

As he watched his suit slump to the floor, with a gash here and a tear here, he could see the inner majesty of the gems of power sewn inbetween the threads shine forth. With a kick that sent the suit flying he muttered: "There goes another suit, I guess ill have to pay my tailor a visit tomorrow and have him totally re-work it. It is no good now, and wasnt much earlier tonight!"  Where ever the Elemental Prince that had done the damage had come from he hoped it was far away so no more like it would appear. "That was one particular nasty piece of work"

As sleep overtook our hero, slumped in his favorite armchair, we se him clutching a photo of someone in one hand and a glass that had held some of Rease's best bitter in the other. "Goodnight beloved" he mutters as he falls into a fitful sleep, and sleep he must because tomorrow will be a bitter day as he faces his tailor and tries to explain what exaclty happened to the priceless armor that he had all but destroyed earlier that day.

Chapter 53 - A Bitter Realization - The Life of Phoenix the Armsman,  Stalwart of good and guardian of OOC

As transcribed by the Tailor Jager
On this day the 25th of the 12 year of the
Reign of our Lord and Savior Sir. British


Very well put together Jaeger.  Very nice story of our new and wonderous lands.



OOC( I have always wanted to write stories for the rp section, but i have to write so much for college i can never get the gumption. But now i shall start trying. )