Various Shard Events

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Event Guide

Seahorse Race:  Race around the Haven coastline

In this event all participants are taken to the island of Haven and moved into the water by staff. Each participant in the race is given a Seahorse (these Seahorses must be returned to staff after the race) and then are to wait at the starting line. A staff member will say a starting signal, after they have signalled the start of the race you are to go west around the island and then into the bay.

Usually there is an item you have to take off the docks, retrieve it and go back out of the bay and continue west around the island until you reach the starting point . Sometimes the races have multiple laps so please be aware of what the staff member hosting it says. Once the race is over, the staff will collect in the Seahorses, give out the prizes and then return all participants back onto land.

Paintball: Lurk around the course and shoot down your opponents

This is a commonly held event, compared to most others. In this events players are split into two teams and sent into waiting rooms. They are given special bows that provide hiding and archery skills for players. Gates are moved into the waiting rooms when the hosting staff member is ready, when and ONLY when the hosting staff member says GOGOGO should you go through the gates and into the battlefield.

Your goal is to find and shoot the other team members out on the battlefield, shooting people both enemy and your own team outside of the battlefield such as in the waiting room is grounds for your removal from the event. It is requested that you don't stay hidden for too long or stay in the same place for ages, staff will reveal or move you if you do refuse to move or stay hidden for too long.

Staff seriously dislike whining and complaining in this event, doing either is grounds for your removal from the event. Typically this game is usually a best 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5, but any number can be played.

Hide and Seek: Prowl the sewers for your opponents and defeat them

In this event you are split into two teams and head to the waiting room, you are given special robes that give you the skills of hiding and detect hidden. Gates are moved into the waiting rooms and when, and ONLY when the hosting staff member says GOGOGO do you go through the gates and into the sewers.

Your aim is to seek out opposing team members using your detect hidden to unhide them and punch their robes off, since the robes are delicate they can only survive a few hits before breaking.

Each player is given 5 healing and 5 nightsight potions, these are all you will get for the whole game so be careful how you use them. Once a player as no robe, he must tab out/ exit combat mode and stand still. Your not allowed to attack anyone or move once you are without robe. An accidental move or swing is no serious problem but try to stay where you are and avoid other players once you are out.

Once one side is completely down, you are pulled back to the waiting rooms and each team is given a fresh robe. The game then repeats this process till the best 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 is done.

Craft & Conquer: Can you make something from nothing come out on top in a duel?

Participants are split into two teams and sent to special rooms were various things such as mining spots, trees, forges, looms and farm animal spawns and periodical reagent spawns, there is also a box that contains things like various spell books. You and you team have 30 minutes to gather resources and then craft whatever armour, weapons and provisions you will need in combat.

Once the timer is up gates are moved into the special area, You must enter the gate upon command of the hosting staff member or risk being disqualified from the event. Once in or around the main battle area you have 30 minutes to either wipe out the opposing team or establish a clear dominance of the castle. Last team standing or the dominating team is declared winner, winning team gets the prize.

Invisible Maze: Can you find your way through it?

Players are entered into a maze of invisible walls, the goal is to navigate to the end of the maze and find the way out. Keeping your patience or sanity is up to you. Prizes are often left scattered around the maze but not always. The first one out claims the main or only prize.

Pit Fight: Can you survive the pit and its hoards?

In the Pit, you can fight lots and lots of monsters. All participating players team up and then fight the wave after wave of monsters, usually these will be themed or up to the hosting staff member. Typically lots of people will die in the event, but its all in good fun especially when taking on  special custom themed creatures. At the end of the event you are sent back to the meadow and divide up the loot and share it out equally, dice rolling occurs for any special items such as high level maps, paragon boxes and artefacts that might have dropped. It is asked that while dividing and sharing loot and rolling for items that you dismount and stand in a line in the meadow.

Champion Spawn: Can you best the Champion and their minions?

Players are given time to collect items and group up. Staff will then open the teleported up and you have around 5 minutes to step through or you wont be allowed to participate in the event during this time you should put any existing loot, gold or atones you may be carrying into your bank. Once in the Champ Spawn area, you are to wait for the hosting staff member to say GOGOGO before you charge off to fight.

The particular champ spawn you will be doing is likely not to be mentioned to you until they actually spawn the first wave of minions. You are asked to work as a team in order to succeed in beating the progressively harder and harder spawns of monsters until the main Champion spawns. Your goal then is to slay the Champion monster, once it falls you see piles of gold start spawning around.  It is asked that you do not loot the champion until the team leader as given the all clear to do so. Once back in the meadow, gold and atones are divided up amongst the participants, artefact/s are rolled for.

It is asked that you stand in a straight and clear line, not mounted and be quiet while the loot is being shared out and then keep this line and silence when rolling for the special item/s such as the artifact .

Bagball: Who will be the winning team?

Players are taken to the bagball arena located outside of Luna and then split into two teams. A bagball that is too heavy to carry is then placed on the field, the hosting staff member will then through an explosion potion when it goes off the match begins. You leapfrog the bagball down the field of play and into the opposing team goal. Once a team as scored the bagball is returned to the starting potions and so do the teams, a match lasts until a team as scored 3 points.

Gold Rush & Gather: Can you pilfer your opponents Gold?

In this game all players are split into two teams and sent to the waiting rooms as per usual. Players are given special bows that give them some levels in hiding and archery, while you are in the waiting rooms there is to be no shooting at each other and so on. Near to the time for the game/ round to start a gate will appear in the waiting room, you must not enter the gate until the Hosting staff member as said "GOGOGO".

The aim of this game is to find the other team's gold on the battlefield and bring it back to your starting point/ hut and put it into the box. Players will be shooting members of other teams as they play. You have 30 minutes to get as much gold of the other teams as possible. In the last 10 minutes of the game you can try to loot the other teams chests. There is to be absolutely no stealthing until the last 10 minutes of the round when your potentially going for the other teams boxes. At the end of 30 minutes the round/ game is over, the Hosting staff member will say "Stop" and you will be pulled back to your teams waiting room.

This is a game orientated towards action, although you are allowed to hide you will be revealed by staff if you spend too long hidden. Also if you don't move for ages, staff will move you to. You may get warned if you stand still too long or remain hidden for too long, obey the warning and move. Too many whinings may get you removed/ disqualified from the game.

Usually the game is done to the best of 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5.

Capture the Flag: Can you capture the opposing teams flag before they can get yours?

Players are split into 2 or 3 teams and must battle to kill the enemy leader and claim the flag he carries. Being the captain is not for the easily surprised or unprepared, your life is going to be on the line, no hiding and always being targeted for death. If the opposing team/s hold an enemy flag for two minutes within their headquaters they shall claim victory.

All each team is given is a warchest containing various different things such as spell books and so on, it as a life span on it and must be accessed before it is removed.

Kill the Giant: Is your team capable of killing the opposing teams Guardian and claim the Flag?

This game is a combination of Craft and Conquer and Capture the Flag. Two teams are given time to gather and crafter equipment just like in Craft and Conquer. They then enter and castle battlefield and must kill a giant that is holding the opposing team's flag. The first team to claim the flag is the winner. Teams are allowed to fight and kill each other to retrieve their flags.

* Written up by our resident poet laureate Orc, Rithik.

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