Staff Rules and Application

Started by Admin Acacia, April 02, 2007, 03:58:17 PM

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Admin Acacia

Staff Rules and Staff Application

The following are the rules for staffing on Sylvan Heart.  They are pretty simple, straight forward rules that have served us well.  ALL staff is expected to abide by these.

• Staff will not give players special items, tweaked weapons or armor, special deco, free yards, free houses (besides the one house new player accounts get) or any other 'physical' things in the game
• Staff will not give players stat, skill, fame or karma tweaks
• Staff will not res OR kill players unless it is a special event
• Staff will not spawn MOBs unless it is a special event. Only Administrators will adjust spawn.
• Staff will be objective and honest. They will NOT help their own player account, or their friends, or any guild, outside of what they would do for anyone else.
• Staff will not expect to get special items or perks other than what is offered, i.e. deco items.
• Staff will respect players and not engage in any sort of griefing.
• Staff will read both public and staff forums.
• Do not shadow your player character around.  Avoid being in the same screen as your player if at all possible.
• Staff that do not follow rules are likely to lose not only their Staff account but their player account as well. Favoritism or cheating will not be tolerated.

The Following things are ways that you can lose your Staffing position.   This is up to the discretion of the Administrator and not up for debate.

• abusing powers in any way, shape or form
• player complaints
• giving away free things to players
• ignoring pages
• not logging in frequently enough

All players submitting a Staff Application must have played on Sylvan Heart for at least 60 days.  Filling this application will not guarantee you a staff position. Prospective Staff members will be interviewed in game.

All newly hired staff will start at the Counselor level and will have training sessions on commands, procedures, and events available on Sylvan Heart. 

Please copy and paste the following staff application and answer the questions.  You may sent it to a forum PM to Admin Acacia, or you may e-mail it to

Basic Information:

1. First and Last Name:

2. Age:

3. E-mail Address:

4. Location:

5. Time Zone:

6. Languages Spoken:

7. Days and Times Available: (This is not to mean you have to staff at those times, but it helps with setting training time and potential staffing time availability)

8. Character Name:

9. Account Name:

10. Length of time on Sylvan

Gaming Experience:

1. How long have you played UO?

2. Have you played OSI?  How long?

3. What other player shards have you played?  Which did you like, and why?

4. Do you have staff experience?  If so, what shard(s) have you staffed?  What was your staff position (Counselor, GM, Seer)?  What type things did you do there?   Why are you no longer there?

5. How much time do you play Sylvan a week?

Essay Questions:

Complete the questions with a paragraph or so.

•  In what way do you feel you currently contribute to the Sylvan Heart community, as a player?

• What do you like or dislike about Sylvan Heart?

• In what way do you feel you can contribute to Sylvan Heart as a Staffer?

• How many hours could you set aside a week for staffing?

Basic Sylvan Heart UO Questions:

Who sells bananas?

Where do I get seeds for my garden?

I just found a treasure map. What do I need if I want to get the treasure?

How do I mine sand?

What skills do I need to make a porcelain mount?

My new character has 40 str. and 10 int. Am I good to go?

I have a house placement tool, but it won't let me use it. Why?

I hate taming, can't you just give me 120 skill?

What is a macro?

Thank you for your interest in working for the good of the population of Sylvan Heart.

Never be less than your dreams.