awaken in the night

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         She was awaken in the middle of the night, by a loud pounding on the door.  Coming out of a drug induced sleep she hollered just a second.  Stumbling to the door, she opened it to find Cori standing there crying. Confused I looked at her. "What is wrong, what happened?" Thinking back to the first time she met Cori,  Almost ran her down coming out of the milliners store. "Excuse me, I'm so sorry"  Standing there looking for all the while like a lost child, but one look in those cold Nordic blue eyes. You knew right away there stood not a child but a full-grown woman, her eyes blazing, "Can't you watch where you're going?" I had never seen eyes so bright a blue, direct blue, impaling and cold. The intelligence in them was almost touchable. Her hair was pure gold; her brows were high arched, in the face - pointed chin, delicate jaw line and features, angular and slightly upturned nose, wide mouth with less-than-sensual lips.  Bringing myself  back to why Cori had come and why she was so scared.  Suspicions and distrust is my nature. Cori started Babbling about going to the glittering cave: With Damien and some of the others from town to try and get some of the purple stones to put in armour.  If they were attacked again, they might have a better chance of defending their selves.  "Cori you don't know anything about spell crafting or socketing to fix armour." "No but Damien said if we could get the items he could fix our armour for us." "Cori you trusted him to be honest with you.  After he got half the town folk killed, trying to defeat the pirates that was off shore just sitting there?" "Well who else was going to help you?" "YES! I told you that after the full moon I would help, after I checked to make sure the cave was stable, enough for that many people to enter.  Haven't you learned not to trust Damien, do you see him in the day light at all?  Have you ever seen him come to the tavern to eat?  This town use to be filled with drunks and beggars, have you ever wondered what happened to them."  "Dyna are you saying he had something to do with it, come on now who's acting like a child.  I know you don't like him but this is going too far!"  How could I tell her, that I could sense that Damien wasn't human no more than I was?  Would she run from me screaming, thinking I would eat her too? Instead, I asked "so do you know if any of them are alive, how you made it out."  She explained she had stopped to pick up her glove, that the strap had broken, which she thought strange since she had just had them repaired when the cave exploded.  She could hear them screaming on the other side, and as she couldn't move the rocks by her self she came to see if I could help.  "Sure let me get dressed," and as I passed the table, noticed my crucifix lying beside the water jug.  I had the jeweler fix me a gold one that I wore around my neck, as I'm, allergic to silver.  "Cori see that crucifix lying beside the water jug." "Duh, what about it," she asked. "I growled put it on and never take it off for any reason." "Your father gave that to you, didn't he?" "Yea but it will do you better good than me; I had another made just like it but gold." "Why would you do that, when this one means so much to you" she asked? "I have my reasons, and I'm not ready to explain them to you." "Ok," with a hurt expression on her face, as she put the crucifix around her neck. I came thru the bedroom door, "are you ready to go." As we were leaving, I told her "what ever you see trust me and don't be afraid". "What do you mean ?" "Let's just wait till we get there and see what is what ok." I looked at her to see if she was alright, she was so scared that I thought about leaving her behind, but if anyone was alive, she'll help to get them to safety. We arrived at the cave, while I was thinking if my luck holds no one will know and I'll be safe. "Dyna we're here."

       "What, yes we are, sorry lost in thought." I climbed down off Moonlight, patted her told her to hide and I would be back shortly. We entered the cave, and I listened to see if I could hear anything, nothing but silence you could hear a pin drop. "Cori stay back." "Why, I can help?" "Just do it please?" I took out my favorite sword, kissed it, and whispered "I'm sorry to do this to you old friend, but I need all your strength and power I can get." Like it knew lives were at stake it started to glow and when I hit the stone and rock they split like melons. "Cori stay behind me, and what ever happens don't let on you're here, be silent as a mouse." I walked thru the broken stone and rock till I came upon the town folk all dead, bending down I touched their necks and sure enough there was fang marks. "Cori did Damien know you were with the town folk?" "Yes I think he did, but I'm not sure why?" "Come look at this I have to take these town folk's heads to keep them coming back from the dead." "What have you lost your mind." "Cori! Come here and look!" She walked over to me, not that she wanted to, but because the tone of my voice scared her that much. She looked down at the fang marks, "so a snake got them, why take their heads?" Cori, "look around who don't you see here besides yourself?" She paled as she looked around "Damien and Darkus." "Maybe they got out, getting help." Her mind just couldn't accept what her eyes were telling her. I had already started taking heads, when she started screaming. "What are you doing, leave them alone." "Believe me if I didn't have to I wouldn't be doing this, I would just bury them." Nevertheless, according to the Catholic Church their immortal souls are in danger of eternal damnation, I have to help them. She couldn't understand not being Catholic. She ran over to me trying to stop me, I hated to do what I did, with ever ounce of respect that I had for her. I took her hands and crushed till she looked up at me and said "you're hurting me," "Cori listen to me, please I have to do this, I wouldn't hurt you for anything, but I won't see you or anyone else become the undead against their will." She nodded and sat down, rubbing her wrist. I turned my back and was finishing up when she jumped on my back to try and stop me again. "Cori please forgive me for this," as I knocked her across the room, sliding down the wall she had already passed out, thankfully. I finished up and staked them all, then went over and checked on Cori, thankfully, there were no broken bones; a nice bruise was forming on her cheek. I carried her out side and whistled for Moonlight, and she came running. Carrying Cori in my arms, I made my way towards home. I had just laid her down as she came to; "you hit me she hollered in my face," "yes for your on safety." At that moment she hated me with everything she had, I could deal with that as long as she was safe and alive. Friends were hard to come by, and she was a true and loyal one: so why hadn't I told her what I was?


         "Cori I think we need to talk, it's minutes away from day light, and tonight, I won't be able to help you." "Why, what are you doing that you won't be able to help me, or are you like the others, when it comes to doing all talk and no show?" "Cori let me try to explain." "Explain what Dyna?" Before I could answer Damien was standing in my bedroom, just a ways behind him was Darkus. "How did you get in here, I didn't invite you in?" "However, you have Darkus, and he invited me in." I was Cussing under my breath thinking how to save Cori and deal with them. I pretended I didn't know what they were, "well if you could wait for me in the living room, and I'll be right in." I checked that Cori was all right. Damien replied "I would be more than glad to wait for you in the other room." "Cori are you alright?" Cori after looking at me just nodded her head. "Don't take that necklace off no matter what, do you hear me!" "Here drink this it will make your head hurt less." In addition, make her sleep thru what was fixing to take place in the next room. I waited a few minutes before I left Cori, making sure she drank the draft.

       Walking into the next room, Damien was to the left of the door way and Darkus to the right. Thinking they were going to surprise me, was their mistake, my survival depended on how well I passed for human, thanks to a Drow that I had saved his life. He had taught me the survival techniques that were needed to survive. I knew it was going to be hard to surprise Damien, but Darkus was fairly new so I stood a better chance with him. "I'll be right there," as I took my sword and swiftly walked thru the door way and turned and cut Darkus head off. Damien was on me in a flash, "you will be mine human and suffer you shall for taking from me what is mine." I laughed, "did you really think, I didn't know what you were Vamp?" The surprise showed on his face, as I looked into his eyes. "How can you look into my eyes and not fall under my spell?" You don't get to surprise a three hundred year old vamp often.     
"Therefore, you sent Cori to me to set me up, thinking I wouldn't be able to get away." "How did you get away, and how did you depose of my minions? They were to capture you once; you were ready to bring them out in the clearing." "I put a crucifix around her neck. This apparently broke your spell on her, before we left earlier this evening. Moreover, before we went in, the mine I put garlic and another crucifix at the entrance, just incase I was right about what you were."

      His power crept over my skin like fingers touching here and there, trying to find a weakness. He was very good, but he was also only a little over three hundred. Three hundred years wasn't old enough to cloud my mind. All alpha werewolves had a partial natural immunity to vampires. "You mock me." what gave it away, I've been so careful in this town, his words scalded the air. Moreover, this was to be mine a town, hidden in the mountains, since no one ever comes here." "Therefore, you intended to make a vampire town, so when strangers came, you would have ready made food. How convenient for you, pity I messed it up for you." "Ha  never! Cause you will be mine and you will help me make a town that will be worthy of my mate when she comes." "So sorry to disappoint you but you will be dead, before day break, I drew my sword and we started the dance of death." "No metal can hurt me human; I am older than your god whom you call Christ." He was right but silver could sure slow him down, to give me the chance to catch him off guard. "Well we shall see won't we?" As I nicked him and blood started to flow he started to get pissed, "you are really starting to get on my nerves." I laughed and darted in for another strike hitting him in the belly, blood slick and thick was starting to cover the floor, I lunged for another strike, and slipped as he grabbed for my throat. I heard a scream and turning there stood Cori watching, hollering "get back," but she was too shocked to move, and before I could reach, her Damien had his hand around her neck. "Put your sword down human or she dies." I could smell he was telling the truth. My pulse was hammering in my throat, I was so afraid. The kind of fear that over whelms you. Please God don't let him hurt her. Think what I can do to distract him, long enough to get her safety away from him. Cori shaking now looked at me, "I'm sorry." "Cori do you still have that around your neck?" "Yes, why?" she pulls hers out. I pulled mine out, the light from the crosses lit up the room for a moment, brilliant sunshine.

The light smashed into Damien, hurled him back across the old table into one of the shelves, and tore pieces of flesh away from him like bits of rotten meat being peeled off a carcass by a skilled knife, he screamed, and the flesh around the mouth sloughed and peeled away like snake's scales, horrid and ugly. Bat like face with gaping jaws. The head was too big for its body. Its shoulders were hunched and powerful. Membranous wings stretched between the joints of its almost skeletal arms. Its eyes were wide, black, and staring, and kind of leathery, slimy hide covered its flesh, though there were tiny holes corroded in it by the light of the crosses. It recovered quickly. Crouching and spreading long arms that ended in claw-tipped fingers to either side with a hiss of rage. Cori "behind that chair and stay there." She crouched behind the chair, head down. "I will have your heart this night for interfering and she will become my bride." Two things happened that startled me. Damien didn't like for anyone to see his real self. In addition, he still hadn't guessed I was a skilled warrior, weapons responded to me like old friends'. Mage and a werewolf. The shock of becoming a werewolf was nothing. "Finding out you are mage, that's the kicker." At least being a werewolf, you could run like the wind, see for miles, and smell a deer mile away. She just didn't want to think about her skills she had since birth she wanted to think that she got the powers from becoming a werewolf. Lost in thought, she almost forgot about Damien for a moment. He had pulled his mask back on, but she would always remember what he really looked like. 'Shall we dance, Damien?" He lunged toward me as I side stepped, slicing down his arm. He was stunned he couldn't believe that I had got that close. "Laugh and smirk all you want, human it your last." I started dancing around him slicing here nicking there, he was getting madder by the minute. Therefore, he rushed me, thinking if he got to close, I wouldn't be able to get to him. Then it happened as he touched me I saw all the victims he had killed, not turned but malicious tortured. "Sorceresses and wizards have had the sight since time began and still don't understand how it works" but she didn't know it was part of her gifts that she was born with. She thought it came from werewolf powers. However, as he tries to take the sword out of her hand, he's bending down to bite her. Pure white rage goes thru her body. As she went limp, a look of confusion ran over Damien's face as she let's loose a front snap kick into his stomach doubling him over. The change comes upon her, fur flowed like water, muscle formed and shifted, bones broke and reknit. Clear liquid gushed from her body. Finally, she raised not a wolf, but Woman-Wolf covered in fur the color of fresh fallen Snow. Damien smiled "so now we know each other as beast, and you will be my beast." "I think not, for you are not man or daemon or vamp enough to make me your pet."