What happened with Abraxius?

Started by Loco Moco, March 02, 2007, 12:11:55 AM

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Loco Moco

Ive done a light search over the forum and i havent seen anything new about the abraxius plot. Not to be critical, i was just wondering what happed to the storyline. Last i remember was the total conquering of the Tokuno town (forgot name). Maybe just because ive been gone for so long, but im just wondering what happened. Did CoM become more powerful? Did someone defeat abraxious (hopefully not)? Did abaxcious completely take over (hopefully not)?


He was kicked in the plumbs by Karina - and he appologised and went back home to put an icepack on it.

Forest Rithik

^ What Eow said, Currently Abby as he is fondly known as around the Liches' circle is residing in the Green Acres Retirement centre along with the Liche Forest Ornlu Snr. They argue daily over who was a Liche first and also about things such as who took the last biscuit from the jar, who left the toilet seat up, who let the zombies in and also who pain-spiked Thane's pet cat.

Loco Moco

seriously, the story is over because of karina?


No, probably more Icemere. But it is over. Or at least on a long hiatus.
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Karina has kicked so much booty on the shard that I doubt she would have walked away with no more than a scratch if she had any part in it.  :P
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The Abraxius plot was all posted thus far on the forums. 
Quick summary:

Abraxius tries to take over the land with CoM choosing to back his ambitions.
Abraxius takes over Zento city
Shadowstone and Najaal become key players in the rise of Abraxius's power, and try to convert people through cunning as well as enforced possession.
Trinsic is taken over by Abraxius's forces
Abraxius's cold dead heart goes missing
A messenger with important information is sent to Trinsic to return to Abraxius.
The forces of good try to capture the messenger, but fail, however regain control of the city.
Shadowstone is condemned to a thoughtless balron type form
Najaal continues with CoM to retrieve said heart
Zento city becomes the battlefield, Abraxius forces win and yet all spawn are taken out of Zhento except for shopkeepers being undead forms.
Abraxius plans to conquer more land but resistance is minimal
A fortune teller appears in the land and gives information to the good side on how to defeat Abraxius, sort of
The good side go off and find certain items and place them on pedestals around Umbra (Abraxius's planned new land to conquer)
The good side manage to get the quest completed and Abraxius is trapped in the Lands of Umbra, unable to use magic or summon creatures outside of Umbra (the island, not the city).
The war is over and nearly everyone turns neutral
Najaal is tested again, and (because I left) taken by Abraxius to strengthen the lich.
Shadowstone was brought back to life in his old form.

I know I probably missed out a whole lot of things, but those are the key events I remember. 

Although technically Abraxius could have taken over the lands, the shard in general did not want to turn into an evil realm, which was why the fortune teller was brought in to give a hand.  So fear not Smit, the world is not abraxius dominated any more.  I dont even know if the spawn in Umbra are still there.

Loco Moco

wait Shadowstone came back to play?


Yes... See the Unforseen Horrors post.. that explains his return

Queen Karina

I had nothing to do with it . sorry   but was a great story . wish i did kick his but but once again realife comes first . i am waiting on the return of smit  , now there is one butt i want to kick :)

Loco Moco

oh shucks Karina. I acually im currently downloading UO on my old comp. So probably play today. *smiles*


 :o   alas poor warriors,   Abraxcious is far from gone.......   right now at this moment his minions are attacking and hounding the poor citzens of the little DoE town on the outskirts of Umbra town.   He has releases bile rats and some strange entities to destroy all who live there,    tis time for the old warriors to come out of hiding and once again repell the brute........


Forest Rithik

NOTHING "big" is going to occur on the current Abby Liche story line, not for a long long time (Perhaps ever). So there is no need to raise a ruckus about it. Besides DoE citizens are far from unable to deal with the spawn.