The voyage home

Started by Asimon, August 27, 2007, 03:13:31 AM

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  Jhelom's arid winds blew seaspray into his face, and whipped his hair behind him as the Sea Star, a merchant caravel, cut through the waters it's sails full with the late season tradewinds. His eyes squinted against the glaring sun, as he looked out from the bow of the ship, his mind lost in thought. How long had it been? he thought, What would remain of the life he left behind?

  The note had said, "Leave everything or lose everything." Then the dreams had come. Dreams of the ones he held most dear torn asunder. Gory scenes of death and torture, all the while a spectral hand forcing him to watch, some unknown power forcing his eyes to watch the scenes unfold. Then the eyes would appear, floating above the scene, cold and cruel, the eyes of one with no soul, save those he devoured. He had to flee for those he loved he had to. The time that followed could not be marked; days turned to weeks, weeks to months. He wandered wondering what evil being vexed his dreams and threatened his companions. Something inside him drew him to a dark forest, he knew not where but only followed where his instincts, or perhaps the being led him.  He entered a cave deep within the forest wherein he found a gazing pool, he suddenly became aware of the dryness in his mouth and he knelt to drink. As he reached a cupped hand into the pool he realized that this was not water, but darkness. A coldness unlike anything he had ever felt crawled through his veins. He quickly withdrew his hand, and backpedaled from the pool. As he scrambled back the darkness rose, and took shape. It was him.

  "Asimon." it called in a voice as cold as death. " It is time."

  Asimon looked upon the creature, or as it were...himself. "Wh..What do you mean." he asked hesitantly.
" It is time to embrace what you were bred and trained for, you are to be a Knight of the Abyss." the creature replied. "All your life has been training for your service to the dark masters. Your bloodline is bonded for eternity to serve. " the thing continued. " Ragazony, your master and teacher growing up in Jhelom was put there to watch over you and train you to be an instrument of death. So that one day you would be ready, your departure was unexpected but we continued to watch you, to safeguard our property." The evil impostor smiled as Asimon reeled from the information. After it sunk in the creature smiled evilly, " Now it is time to go and meet your new masters." The being reached for him but Asimon spun away, drawing his kamas in the the same motion he ended facing his enemy. "I serve no one." Asimon growled. The creature just laughed, kamas appearing in it's hands, "It's no use, you cannot escape you blood." it chided, then it exploded in a blur of motion.
   The attacks came hard and fast but Asimon was ready for them, kamas streaking faster than the eye to block the onslaught. "You are better than I thought." it said sincerely. But Asimon only responded with his own blindingly fast assault. The creature was skilled that was certain but not skilled enough. Reaching the end of his tirade of blows Asimon threw a double strike, leaving himself open for a sweeping counter but as the predicted counter came Asimon quickly flipped his kamas into a reverse hold, with which he hooked the blocking and attacking kamas of his opponent. Swinging them out wide, he brought his foot flying into the face of his impostor. A sickening crunch issued from it's nose and it stumbled backwards flailing it's kamas helplessly in front of it in an attempt to block any attacks while it cleared it blurred vision. That may have helped it had the next attack come from the front. "Tell your masters thanks but no thanks." Asimon whispered in it's ear as one hand pulled back it's head and the other held the kama that  opened it's throat. The creature returned to it's liquid state and seeped into the cave floor as a voice roared out through the cave. "Your resistance matters not fool." the voice boomed " We will follow you, lurking in the shadows, striking out at the ones you hold dear. You will serve us!" The voice stopped and suddenly the cave echoed with hideous laughter. "Wait until you see the twisted creature your precious Shakka will become as your love grows. Your soul is tainted, and it will taint anyone that you give your affection to, the longer you share your love the darker she will become, until she is twisted into a freakish creature of darkness befitting the realms you are doomed to serve." Then there was silence.

   Now he sailed back to his home, back to the life he once knew. But now he could only hope they would understand, the she could understand. He could not love her like he had, not anymore. He could only guard her and the rest of his friends from the creatures that haunted him, and hope they would not turn away from him as he had them, so long ago.

   He shook the thoughts from his head as he looked down at the drying blood of the one he once held in his heart as a son would a father. Ragazony's blade hung at his belt, one more of the vile creatures that would no longer haunt him. He set his gaze once again toward the horizon and home.

Kydaer Shol

Kydaer felt a presence returning and shifted her head a bit to the feeling. She looked down upon the eart and recognized a familiar aura about the person trying so desperately to come home. She pursed her lips and blew a mighty wind to help guide and protect him and help push him quicker to a place he had called home so long ago...... *whispers on the wind* come home Asimon, come home.


   Branches brush his face as he moved through the forest, the lands were the same as they had been but new and dangerous creatures were around each bend. The faces were new as well, he felt like a stranger in a land he once knew. Several nights passed until he found himself walkuing into his home. The dust was thick on what remained, he had given away much when he left, the rest fell victim to bandits, only a scant few precious things that he had hidden well had escaped notice. "What would life be like now?" he pondered. Memories haunted his dreams some good, most not so good, but the drink helped him forget the bad ones. A candles burned at the end of his road, the tavern was still open it seemed, yet something was different. The sounds of mirth that once filled the night sky were absent, it seemed a lonely place now,with the candles to light a vigil for what it had been. Oh if those walls could talk.
    Across the street stood a darkened house, the one place he feared most to come back to. For there lived the woman whom he had abandoned, if she only knew why. But she wouldn't, this burden was his to bear and he would not risk losing her to the very ones he meant to save her from. "Would she understand if I told her." Asimon thought as he took another long drink, the liquid burning away his introspection. He tossed the now empty bottle aside and made his way to the Pretorian. It would be a long night without the numbing embrace of inebriation.