Past. Present. And a Crush.

Started by Mirage, September 15, 2007, 03:41:27 PM

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======The Past======

There is a time, in everyone's past, that they sit and think..."Was it the right thing to do?" For's more then just once. Niima was no different. Born of a noble house of Moonglow, the beginning of her life was very sheltered. Her mother dying during childbirth, Niima was brought up by her father and his court. She was taught to be as regal as her kin, though what feline doesn't hold a sense of pride and nobility? Many hours where spent on things like language skills, riding, the violin, flow of speech and how to act among the people. Truth be told she had little of a childhood. Even the children of Moonglow seemed to keep at a distance from her. And though it weighed heavily on her heart, she kept smiling.

At the age of a young woman, she was with an apparent innate for the arcane and spent plenty of her hours with her nose in a book within the grand library. Or even with her nose in a book within the garden that had been created for her mother. It was like a peaceful comfort to her. A piece of her mother that had been left behind. As fate would have it, this is where she met her first friend. Tobias, a young elven who traveled with his parents on official business with her father. Peeking from around the corner she watched the silver haired elven as he stood next to his mother, yawning out of boredom. It was a giggle from Niima that touched his ears and drew his attention. And in that moment that their eyes met and smiles exchanged, they where friends. In fact, there was times Tobias stayed for lengths of time with her, remaining in the house under supervision. As time progressed it was rare to see one without the other, like they where bound at the hip.

But like all things, their friendship was not to last forever. Several years later Tobias was yanked from her presence and never seen from again. Under the fold of night he apparently either left on his own or was taken against his will but the fact remained his bed had gone empty in the silence of night. What left her to believe it was against his will was that not even a note had been left behind and Tobias surely would never of left without a word to her.


It was said that was the last time a true smile ever touched the young woman's lips. With her desire to go seeking her friend, her father kept her under constant watch in worry that his only child would take flight to find the elven man. And there was attempts at such, each time she was drawn back to the homestead kicking and clawing like no tomorrow. Every attempt had her back to square one, crying in frustration. Her father eventually told her if she didn't stop her foolishness she would be cast out from the house and household with no hopes of return. And without thinking on the consequences of her actions, she gathered a few of her things and bid her father a farewell that could of broken any parent's heart.

And thus her travels begun...

======The Present======

"Mirage stop that!" Niima scolded at an age old feline friend who was digging through a pile of clothes. Okay, so she was actually tossing them aside as she searched for something particular. A scold set on Niima's pale lips she watched a newly trailered dress go flying over one of the chairs in Niima's cozy little home.

"Oh come off of it! I know ya got somethin' nice in 'ere. I am in a hurry!" Mirage's words, though as sultry as the woman, sounded like a whine to Niima. Niima's arms crossed, palms resting at her sides, she watched more clothing fly off. With a chuckle she moved away from Mirage's presences with all intentions of cleaning the mess later.

It was years since she had started the search for Tobias and it was her near death that brought her and Mirage together. Mirage having saved her hid from a small horde of trolls several miles from any structure of civilization. And it was Mirage who constantly helped to seek out Tobias. But they had life other then searching. Niima had taken up several traits of skill. She so enjoyed crafting! Not only that but her knowledge of the grand arcane had began to take hold. In more ways then one. She started to see the aura of the arcanum in the earth. The sky. The grass. Everywhere around her. As if mother earth herself where calling out to her.

TWACK! A groan escaped her lips as she looked over to Mirage who was currently standing with one shoe in hand. The other apparently used to knock Niima out of her thoughts. "Owww! What was that for?!"

"Stop daydreaming! We've work to do for tonight's dinner." Mirage's finger wiggled out at Niima and she was granted a simple stare in return.

"Actually. I am going meet someone later today to pick up something. Besides tonight is your turn to cook." Niima found herself laughing at the sour look that crossed Mirage's face at being caught. With a huff, Mirage was out the door.

Since she had settled down she had made many friends. Seterwind and Khana who where without a doubt in her mind the most energetic duo she had ever seen. Asimon who always left her guessing. Marissa, a fellow feline with a hand too quick to follow. And several others that warmed Niima's heart. But Mirage was much like a sister. A nag and a blessing all in one. With a sigh she shook her head and reached for her cloak. She had things to do.

Shopping. Ah, yes, she needed to pick something up didn't she? The gear that Mirage demanded she wear for protection was missing a piece. And so shopping she would go! With the ability to check various shops with simple stepping stones of transportation, she was quickly progress. In fact she was nearing the ending of her list as she came to the current vendor. It was there she met..him. A very kind hearted man who was very helpful to her. Offering his help and skills he soon had her with more then she had originally came for. However, she asked herself..was it because he was so sweet and kind to her that she had bought so much or was it because she really needed it? Well...yes..she did need it. It was better protection after all..but she sure did enjoy watching when he flustered. She found it rather adorable.

Once his presences had left she scolded herself for being so flirty. But she found herself liking the man. However, she knew better. Most good men where already spoken for. With a defeated sigh she went back on her chores.

Ah.  A crush, shortly lived. And her first none the less.

(Note: this was on the spur writing. I haven't reread through it yet)