Dust, Spiders, and Forgotten Promises

Started by Jager, September 11, 2007, 11:48:45 PM

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Journal Entry #2591
Wednesday, 21 1190
A Twin Remembered

As I was sorting through the various chests in my attic, as I usually do once a month, I happened to notice a false panel behind a haphazardly stacked backpack of old short spears. Now I this definitely struck me as odd since I had never seen this before and I thought I knew everything about this house, since my twin brother and I built it after all.  As I moved the backpack out of the way my mind wandered back into the past to the days when my twin had fought with these spears. So long ago it was, yet the memories and the pain of his death flood back into my mind as if it had happened yesterday. 

As great pains often to, this one had faded with time to a weak flickering flame of regret in the back of my mind.  As I looked into the backpack I recognized one of the spears by its pale blue glow. It was the first weapon that my novice hands had crafted in an attempt to keep my brother safe during his  hunts.  I laid it aside with a mental promise to take it downstairs and display it, and continued unearthing the hidden panel.   It took some time, yet I preservered and shortly I had cleared my way to it. As I got closer and brushed off the cobwebs my heart skipped a beat for carved in the panel, no doubt by my brother's very hand, was the seal of the Empire of Sosaria.

Immediately the memories flooded in with remorse and anger hot on their heels.  Sorrow flooded my mind, but was soon burned away as is the morning mist in the heat of the sun beneath my anger towards that  devious Black Lich.  The self proclaimed Lord of All Creation and Master of the Dark Arts.

"Abraxius.... " I grind out through clenched teeth.... Instantly I am comforted by a warm ethereal wind as my brother's ultimate sacrafice resaures me that The Evil One has been safely imprisoned in the City of Umbra.  I know not whether my brother's sacrifice comforts anyone else, but I know that for me atleast The Evil One's name carries a taboo for anyone who says it with relish.

Bolstered by my confidence that Evil is being held at bay, I try to open the fake wall panel. Decades of unuse  have made the hidden mechanism a little sticky, but once the catch has been released the panel slides smoothly into the wall.  It is dark, but dry, and as I move my lantern closer the shadows melt away revealing a treasure more priceless to be than anything I can think of off hand. Believed by all to be destroyed by the Evil One as he tore the beating heart out of my twin, there stacked before me was the armor that my brother had lived and died in.  Breathless I hung the lantern on a peg and scooped up the helmet, and as I turned it over in my hands my disbelieving eyes tried to accept that this priceless family heirloom was before me.

After a few moments of staring stupidly at the helmet my brain finally returned to working order and my gaze swept the small cubbord.  Yes,  there was everything: the short spear his shield and all his armor, even his porcelain swampie that carried him all over the lands.  Nearly unnoticed by the right boot was a small blue book. Curiously I picked it up and dusted off the cover. On the front was written in Icemere's own scrawl were the words: "I am sorry".  Hurriedly turning the cover, almost ripping it off, I read the quick scribble on the first page:

"My dear friend, and twin to my most loyal guard and adviser, I am sorry that I did not come and tell you what happened to the personal effects of your twin after he was slain. I wanted to, but after seeing you at the funeral I realized that  returning your beloved brothers armor and weapons at that time would have completely broken you. " I quickly turn the page, " So I stopped by one night when you were asleep and using the spare key that Jager (Ed Note: The hunter) had given me, I stole up to the attic and stored all of his personal effects in the secret compartment that he had once showed me.  Soon I shall tell you, Once this knowledge will no longer pain you as great as it does now..."

Icemere Frostblade
                                                               Imperial Regant & Ruler
                                                               Empire of Sosaria

As I finish reading the last sentence, I rock back on my heels and slump against the wall lost in thought.  Time passes, how much I know not, but as I stand back up the realization comes over me that I am the last of this honorable and noble guild. Though I was a lowly tailor back in the Golden Days of The Light, my brother was second to only Regent Icemere himself and I come from the same stock. Our parents raised us to be scions of good and always help those less fortunate than ourselves.  I have always tried to do that throughout my life. I have cut some really good deals for those who are still new here, and I have given discounts to those who couldn't pay right then.

As I think back over my life I realize that I have not fufilled my destiny. My brother was always the natural leader and he was in line to take over the Regency after Icemere retired, but he never got the chance. The Evil One saw to that. I know that it was my brother's wish that I was to rule in his stead if anything ever happened to him, and it is only the misty veil of time that obscured my memory of this from my eyes. As I look once more at the empty armor  stacked there on the floor I realize that Icemere is never coming back from his retirement voyage. I realize that the once Great and Mighty Empire of Sosaria is not the scion of Light and Justice that it once was.

A heavy weight settles upon my shoulders as I realize that bringing this Regency back together is the one last thing remaining for me to do before I can go on a retirement voyage of my own.  I carefully gather up the armor and tie it up in my twin's cloak. The armor has been preserved well from the ravages of time by the guarding magics that were originally cast upon it, most of it is in good condition. A little work and restoration along with some new enchantments of my own and this armor will be ready for the next Imperial Regent of Sosaria.

Jager (Ed note: the crafter)