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Author Topic: New Mercenary Guild! - Mercadian Masquerade [MM]  (Read 3452 times)
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« on: January 10, 2012, 12:21:14 AM »

Evening all! There's a new mercenary guild in Sylvan!

Ever wanted an extra helping hand to help you tank those nasties in Fel? Perhaps you want to take down a specific boss but can't do it yet on your own? Well, call on MM to help out! We are a group of capable players that can help you out with your daily hunts, for a price of course Wink

What we do:
Basically, for a fee (usually per hour, but this can be negotiated to, "per-boss-kill") we will come in and dps, tank, heal or whatever else is needed for your daily hunting needs. For anything from Dr. Deth to the nasty Bloodgod, we'll come in and do the job and do it right! Our members will take no loot whatsoever, so all drops and artifacts belong to you, the client.

What we don't do:
We reserve the right to refuse requests if they are unrealistic (e.g. clear every single Fel boss in 1 night), or if our hirer decides to AFK while we kill monsters for them.

So how does it all work?
Simply put, PM a request to Mithril or Hades in game (or post in this thread), specifying what you wish to have help with, and whether you'll be paying by the hour or on a "per-kill" basis. Half the payment will be required up-front and the other half after the job is done. If you are not confident in our ability, the first 10 minutes of hunting will be done free of charge!

At this date, we will be charging:
50k per hour - Tram, Tokuno, Illsh, Malas
100k per hour - Fellucca

These values may change/differ per mercenary as well as the difficulty of the request.

Interested in joining MM?
Please send a PM to me in forums or to Mithril in-game and we'll talk!

What are you waiting for? Hire us today to start hunting powerful monsters and taking their shinies!

Mercadian Masquerade Guildmaster - PM Mithril in-game for mercenary/hiring requests!
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