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Author Topic: Through a merchants eyes and a body guards shadow.  (Read 1834 times)
« on: July 13, 2006, 11:46:15 AM »

Atheryn Meryl rode into town astride her giant Lady Bug, her packs full of newly created wares to sell. The self professed Jane of all crafts smiled at the though of all the money she would be making on this trip.  Perhaps she would spend some on improvements to the factory, after all efficiency and maintenance are the best way to stay in business.

her smile faded as she approached the center of town, the cult was there again in numbers, parading one of their new conquests in "the meadows".

"Lousy cultists" She spat, "Nothing ruins a perfect day like having to see their ugly mugs."

She pulled on the reigns of the lady bug and slowed down, stopping to watch what would surely be yet another verbal scuffle between the Paladins and the Cultists.

"Melody" She called, looking to her shoulder as a small rat head came into view. "Go have a closer look, you never know..." She paused thinking about Rease Hunter's offer. "...  When something... interesting might crop up in these scuffles."

The rat nodded and jumped to the ground. "and Melody?"  "Yes boss?" the rat answered back. "Do not do anything, even if you have clean access to a major vital point, last thing we need right now is to give ourselves away."  "understood" Melody answered flatly.

Atheryn chuckled, she had found the kid on a recent trip to Tokuno after Abraxius had laid it's claim on the region, a refugee from one of the ninja clans that had been partially or completely destroyed to ease Abraxius' Movement. She was still a bit rough around the edge, inexperienced and completely devoted to her beliefs, much like the Cultists and the Paladins, but  she was a good girl... and it never hurt to have your own personal ninja on your shoulder most of the time.

As she had guessed, The Cultists made an official declaration, one that looked suspiciously more like a taunt than an announcement and right on cue one of the paladins made an entrance.

The paladin Queen no less... These people were so predictable it was almost not funny... Almost.

What she could not have guessed however, was the reaction of the new toy that cultists had just taken when Damira stepped forward, the words were faint from her distance but she could have sworn she heard him utter "Who is this? she seems vaguely familiar"

The words were lost on Damira however, in shock and blinded by what she believed to be betrayal, not seeing that her former comrade was not the man standing before her. Damira's words struck out a warning to all who follow the cult that she would end them.

Atheryn sighed as she listened to the redundant, almost daily verbal dance of good versus evil "Two sides of the same coin..." She muttered as she flipped a gold coin along the rims of her fingers "So completely opposite, yet exactly the same in every way"

She flipped the coin and caught it in mid air, tugging the reins and continuing her way to the shops.

A few minutes, a couple of smiles and batting eyelashes and a bit of strategically exposed skin later and her purse was ready to burst thanks to the nifty 30% bonus she had received for her goods.

Atheryn paused for a moment, "You know I hate it when you walk in my shadow." She remarked in a disapproving tone, yet a smile on her lips... the kid was getting better at a steady pace. "what do you have to report?"

Melody stood out of the shadows and kneeled before her employer.  "The man... Gorn, he seemed confused when he first saw the lady paladin." He spoke as if she were a fading memory and her shock seemed to upset him..." Melody paused to collect her thoughts, then continued. "As her anger rose and her tone and actions followed he seemed to become another person, only faltering from this new persona for brief moments...  No one else... not even the Cult members seemed to have noticed this."

Atheryn smiled once more, perhaps this was the piece that was needed for Rease's offer to fall properly into play, there was no doubt the Cult was becoming proud of themselves. She had been everywhere, learned a little of everything, even necromancy... she shuddered at the thought of using that again. It was her way of getting to know what her potential customers might want.

And she knew fully well that pride, in any craft; must be kept in check... it it isn't then the prideful become sloppy, if they become sloppy, they can make grave errors and act too fast, then see it as a form improvement and increasing their pride.

A vicious circle if there was ever one.

Gorn seemed still in there somewhere, and if nothing else it might give Damira one small chance of killing him quickly.

or it could mean her own death...

She would have to speak of this to Rease... tomorrow.

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