Dark Times

Started by Jager, October 05, 2007, 08:42:34 PM

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Journal Entry #6823

The past few weeks have brought with them some interesting changes and along with them  some sorrows.  Although that is to be expected I suppose when a Dark Lord of Evil arises and begins to wreak havoc.  *chuckles* I suppose I should start at the beginning otherwise my grandchildren will not know what I am talking about when I eventually give them this journal to read.

Well, about a week ago now my Tailor and best friend Jager invited me over for some drinks and a friendly game of darts. We had a really good time hanging out and trying to hit a picture of..... well... lets just say a picture of someone *chuckles*. Towards the end of the night Jager began withdrawing and would just sit there with a mug of the Pratertian's finest and stare off into the distance. Seeing that my friend was in a world of his own I began to quietly clean up the mess and prepared to take my leave. As I was gathering my gear to leave though, he came over and laid a hand upon my arm saying, "Wait a moment my friend, I need to ask a horrible favor of you."  This came as sort of a surprise to me as he is usually never drawn or gloomy, yet his face was a mask of pain and there were tear streaks lining his face as he stood there slightly swaying.

Phoenix: Of Course my friend, What is it that I can help you with?
Jager: I have been troubled as of late. My dreams have been dark and my days
Jager:  shadowed with the guilt that suffocates me without end.

He leads me back over to the chair I had occupied and bis me to re-take my seat.

Jager: As you might have heard I found my brother's old suit of armor up in the
Jager: attic. It reminded me of the life which he once led and the good that he did for the
Jager: good of all.
Phoenix: *nods* Aye, your brother and the rest of the Forces of The Light managed to shut
Phoenix: away the Evil One for a good long time. It is unfortunate that he is now beginning
Phoenix: to regain his power. He must have somehow manged to convince some poor people to
Phoenix: give him their souls.
Jager: *nearly breaks down* Aye my friend, and yours I believe,  Manamana has been
Jager: converted to the dark ways, as has Asimon and who knows who else.
Phoenix: *starts* No way! They have pledged their souls to HIM?
Jager: I do not know for sure, But A few days ago they both attacked and tried to kill Link of Urak
Jager: And I have heard that the Fair Serenity was nearly killed by her fiancee' Manamana.
Jager: She is devastated.
Phoenix:     :O  Thus I imagine. Tis definitely horrible news.

Jager: Which brings me to the horrible favor that I need to ask of you.
Phoenix: *cautiously* I will do what is in my power to do my friend.
Jager: I tried my best to revitalize The Empire of Sosaria, yet I am always too busy to run a
Jager: guild. And I am not strong at all. I would not be able to lead any hunts or organize any rescues
Jager: But you my friend. You are strong enough. You seem to be well liked by those in our community.
Jager: If I ask it would you take over leadership of The Empire and lead it to greatness?
*long silence*
Phoenix: If you ask it of me, I will do so. But I caution that I have not lead a guild before, I would have to
Phoenix: follow your lead for a while. I am a follower, not exactly a leader.
Jager: *tearing with relief* I do ask it of you my friend. I hate to have to, but these are difficult times
Jager: That we are entering and especially if our two friends have pledged themselves to serve evil
Jager: then we will have to be strong and brave enough to weather this sorrow on the horizon.
Phoenix: *nods* These will be difficult times indeed.....

Thus is how my friend Jager transfered leadership of the Forces of The Light to myself. All the current guild members agreed with his decision, but I must admit I have my doubts about how well I will do. I just hope that I will be strong enough to bear this burden. The need for a strong leader was never proven to me as well as they were this past Saturday. It was then that I met Asimon for he first time since I learned of his treachery. I met him in the meadow trying to recruit unsuspecting travelers and townsfolk into serving his master. Disgusted by his actions and his behavior I stepped up and confronted him about his decision to serve The Evil One. I attempted to explain him what happened to others in the past who gave up everything good and holy for "power".

He was convinced that he was in the right though, and no amount of discussion would convince him otherwise. Yes he knew what had happened to those before him, yet he pointed out the mistakes that they made and the reasons for their "punishment" by his mater.  I hadn't intended for this discussion to become a public spectical but after we had been arguing for a while I noticed that we had drawn a crowd of onlookers. They were listening to our heated debate and were remaining silent. I instantly became self-conscious of th attention and the sentence i had been uttering died half-formed. Asimon also seemed to notice the crowd for the first time, but unlike myself he instantly returned to trying to recruit for his master again. But most of the onlookers would have none of it. They either ignored him completely or began to take up where I had left off in the argument. I am not quite sure how it happened, I think it was Ironhand declaring his devotion to the light and his desire for me to lead them against the dark tides of evil that slowly encroach upon our lives with out us noticing. Before I knew it I was surrounded by several fellow Sylvanites all pledging their loyalty to me in my fight against The Evil One and his minions.

I tried to tell them that I didn't really want to create a war where none had been for a long time, but they didn't want to listen. They wanted to stamp out this rot that was forming on our doorsteps and they seemed to want me to lead this crusade. I told them we shall see, but I think I am ready to organize resistance to the wishes of this "Dark Lord" and return our fair lands to the glory of the Light. I will not turn away anyone who wants to rid the world of this Abraxius. I shall do my best to train them and outfit them for the tasks ahead. Only time will tell if I chose the right path. My judges will be you my grandchildren, so if I fail in this effort try to think of me as one who wanted to do good. 



Another odd happenstance occured this past Tuesday.

        I stopped by my friend Rease Hunter's tavern on my way home from hunting evil out in the wilds for a quick Pratertian Ale and some conversation among friends. Things were going fine untill he mentioned a little book that a traveler had given him as he was passing through the meadows. Intrigued I asked him if i could see it.
   It appears to be a book talking about the Lord of Luck and how everything that happens happens according to this "luck lord's" wishes. This struck me as a little odd and so I asked him if I could keep the book for a few days to see what I could learn about this mysterious figure.

On the surface the text appears to be nothing more than a simple book of children's rymes my gut tells me that this text is a clue to a powerful being. I am going to go visit a very old Scholar friend of mine, hopefully he can help me with this matter.


(ooc: Ill be gone this weekend. I hope if anything happens I can get filled in. :P  )