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Author Topic: Sylvan Heart Infomation Index  (Read 5759 times)
White Wyrm
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« on: February 08, 2008, 09:43:40 PM »

This is something I have been working on (and will attempt to keep up) to help all in Sylvan dreams, new and old! Information that has been gathered in a single index that way you do not have to dig through links that may be buried.  I ask if you have something you wish to point out, changed, or the likes to PM me.

This index is quite easy. Click on a link below and it will lead you to a section of links and/or personal information gathered:

Getting An Account And Connecting (with ConnectUO And UOGateway assistance)

Starting Out, Etiquettes, and Rules <-- A must read for newcomers!

Augments, Augmentation, and Socketing

Crafting Pointers and Assistance

Quests and You

  • Active Sylvan Quests
  • Quests and Spawns
  • Personal Note(s):  If you haven't read Quests and Spawns I'll let you in on something. Do not openly ask about quests or special spawns. They are 'forbidden knowledge' that is not to be shared openly. Maybe see if guild mates or friends can help by pming them. Do not ask about this in the forums or global chat.

Housing Costs and Other Information

Other Things of Interest

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White Wyrm
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« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2008, 11:53:07 PM »

  • [grab: [grab option shows you what many things this feature has. [grab bag allows you to set a bag and [grab allows you to loot the creatures. You can even use [grab option and set what you want and do not want to pick up! Neat!
  • [atone aka Atoning for your sins: If you kill an animal or monster, it isn't exactly a sin, but leaving its unsightly corpse lying about it so you can atone for this by typing [atone and targeting the corpse. It will vanish and brightly colored atonement skulls will appear in your backpack as a thank you.
  • Sleeper: This is a bed that you can actually sleep in!
  • Transmutation Box: A magical box sits atop a marble table in the VS buyables area. It allows you to transmute items. This can facilitate many aspects of the game for you. You can exchange runic hammers, acquire merchandise, convert augmentations and more! Note: a VS is a Virtue Skull.
        * Small BOD Change: 1000 gold and 1 small BOD  =  new random small BOD
        * Large BOD Change: 3000 gold and 1 large BOD =  new random large BOD
        * Convert Atonements: 20,000 atonements = 1 virtue skull (VS)
        * Origami Kit: 1 VS  = 1 origami kit (one time use)
        * Name Change Deed: 2 VS  = name change deed  (one time use)
        * Carpet Addon Deed: 2 VS and a spool of thread = carpet addon deed. Marvelous for decorating!
        * Item Rename Deed: 1 VS and 1 blank scroll = a deed that you can use to name a special item.
  • Resource Box: This handy storage container can hold valuable resources in one single place! No more overflowing chests of logs, ingots, etc, etc, etc. Lock this down in your home and add or remove resources as desired.
  • Backpack Trash: If you are on the move and don't wish to visit Magincia to get rid of some trash, you can use your own backpack trash pack!  But, be careful what you put in there for it will trash it instantly!
  • Dreamer's House Decoration Tool: The default RunUO deco tool is pretty much useless. This one will allow a player to move objects in all four cardinal directions, flip the item if it is flippable and raise/lower it. Just select an item first and then manipulate it as you wish. Switch to another item by clicking the select button again.
  • Origami : Interested in the art of paper folding? You can get origami kits as veteran rewards and occasionally find them other places.
  • Gambling: Got too much GOLD and don't know what to do with it? We have a couple gamblers in the Dunes cafe just west of the Magincia Meadow who would be happy to play blackjack or poker with you. In addition to these, there are several slot machines you can work on to win fabulous prizes!
  • Toolbox: Add tools to it and retrieve high usage tools. IE: add four 50 use shovels and retrieve a 200 use shovel. Convenient!
  • Fireworks kit: Make fireworks! 50 uses in one kit!
  • Stable Stone: Holds as many pets as a regular stable and you carry it in your backpack. Use it as you would any stable. "Stable", "Claim", etc. -- By placing it in your bankbox you can use it anywhere in the world - Credit to Crimson.
  • Bank Stone: A bank in your house. How convenient can it get?
  • Race Stone: Who do YOU want to be? See the section about this under basics/All About Races on the menu.
  • Seed Box: Do you like to grow plants? We have seed boxes to help you organize and identify and interesting seeds you may find.
  • Pottery tool: Use this while standing near a forge to create pottery and porcelain. Porcelain can also be crafted into "ethereal" ridables. The learn how to clay mine/learn how to sand mine/learn how to mine rock books are all in the craft shop in Magincia. You can mine sand and make obsidian to craft Obsidian mounts as well.
  • Grape Arbors: These special grape arbor kits are purchased from farmers. You can set one up on tillable soil and when it is ready, you can harvest up to seven different kinds of grapes. This is mainly useful for the brewer's craft.
  • Animated Mills:  Our flour mills animate when grinding wheat, cocoa beans or sugar cane
  • Name Change Deed: Decided to change your identity? Stop by the VS buyables area and get a name change deed!
  • Item Name Deed: Want to personalize a special item? Stop by the VS buyables area and get an item rename deed!
  • Water Bucket: You need to eat and drink on Sylvan Dreams or else you will get ill and listless. You start with a glass pitcher to drink water from but if you buy a Water Bucket from the Atonements stone, you won't have to refill it nearly as often!
  • Magic Millinery Tool: Need to keep your head protected but want to be stylish? After all, how gorgeous is a plate helm? Fear not, our Magic Millinery Tool will transform any helm in your pack into a hat, but keep all the protective bonuses. Just have the helm, the millinery tool and the hat in your pack and you are set! Note: Certain skills are required to use this item
  • Barber scissors and special hair dyes: For those got to have styles! Note: Certain skills are required to use this item
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White Wyrm
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« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2008, 02:38:00 PM »

Update: Dec. 03, 2008 - Links Fixed.
Currently Working On: Crafting Pointers and Assistance which for some odd reason is a copy of homes. *Shrieks*
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