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Author Topic: thorns re union..  (Read 1600 times)
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« on: June 19, 2009, 09:20:03 PM »

Times had become hard for little thorn, The thrill was still there, but the company was not. The outcast had all but seemed lost. Her allies gone, where? she had no idea. Poor thorn started spending her days more alone than ever. Few passed by her home, her lands. Either everyone had become afraid or she had killed them all.....or there were just none around to wander by. No heads to collect, no souls to reap...NO MURDER to commit.
 There was a fair chill in the air this eve, Thorn sat by her campfire, the usual routine. Clean the blades, soften up the leather armor..still it chaffed her. Catch a wild beast for more prowling tho, that had become pointless. She heard a different sound this night tho, A sound of familiarity....she felt someone was approaching.    A shadow glanced by her sight as she thrust herself of her seat and rolled on the ground, weapon drawn just in time to fend of a swipe of steel as it flashed in her face, She grasped her cooking pot and threw it in the direction the sword was swinging from and jumped to her feet ready for the fight,  Then she saw her attacker.....

   "I see ye still got them useless weapons i stole for ye Thorny"   laughed her attacker.
  She shrieked with delight and threw her arms areound her old companion,
 "welcome home Fer, you have been missed"
 Fer grinned, showing what few teeth he had left, and passed the message that more were on their way back to the outcasts.
 The hunts, sorely missed, Seemed like they were about to begin again.

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