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Author Topic: Tales of Alkazar  (Read 2472 times)
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« on: June 30, 2009, 08:47:35 PM »

Cursing he entered the unknown territories, the dreaded witchhunters forced him to open
a sealed rune, and yet he felt different, but could not lay notion why or what.
The moment he stepped into here with the hot breath of the hunters in his back everything
went wrong.

The soggy swamp swallowed his boots, so he fell on his face in the mud. He could hear his
persuers laugh, as they readied themself to jump after him, but in their eagerness they
forgot gates could be closed too. He closed the gate while one of the witchhunters
was halfway through the gate and the half body landed on top of him, covering him with
the goo of the hunter and pressing him deeper into the rotten wastelands.

The moment he got up and realised he was somewhere in a place he did not know
and he could not determine the weird smells either, almost like he was on a different
planet. He looked around and noticed a town in the distant. The rune nearly dropped him
inside a river, imagine how it would have ended then!

Quickly he searched for a way to cross the river, as he had no means to defend himself.
He could not take his reagents or spellbook with him. He saw a floating log and decided
to jump into the water and  use it to try to make it to the other side.

The last thing he remembered were the thoughts of his friends, and if they would escape
from the witch hunters as well...

When Alkazar woke, he was in a room, and nurtured by the Lady of the Lake,
Priestess of Avalon, who helped him understand the way of nature and of druidry
through the shrine of virtues. All he could think about was to get well,
to learn as much as he could, and then try to find a way back to search for his

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« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2009, 10:12:10 AM »

Fresh and vitalised he left the Shrine of Virtues, though there was still a lot to see
and a lot to explore. His body felt strange and he felt light like somewow he had wings.

The moment he walked into the meadow people were talking about his shabby appearances
and helped him not to look like a beggar. He felt awkward, in this strange place
he looked like a beggar, but where he came from he was a nobleman, and he would
make the beggars scurry away, but the lady of the lake changed something inside him.
Instead of chasing all the people away, he listened and talked to them.

Alkazar noticed people were kind to talk to, and learned to respect the different people,
especially their excellent skills in combat. He saw them slay creatures he could hardly imagine.
Drow, the dreaded sagitarriuses, and the gargoyles.

And he noticed how weak he was... He would need an extensive training to make it,
and to be able to defend himself. Alkazar tagged along whenever he could and
earned himself a small place amongst the warriors and druids of the realm.

One day when he was exploring Wind, he felt himself shrink, and shrink and shrink.
Wild thoughts cluttered his mind, and he feared the hunters found him again.
He could not believe they would let him go that easy. He saw a tiny faery when he looked in the
water andstarted cursing as he realised what had caused all the weird feelings of lately.

When he looked up though he looked into the eyes of another giggling fairy, who introduced him to
a family of more dreaded flying mosquito's. Cursing he learned more about them, but in his mind he
still was a fairy in denial. He had no ties, no bond and no clue why he was cursed to be a fairy
when all he did was literally fall in this world. Only thing he could think of was his ethereal
body and his physical body got changed in the weird gate.

The good thing was he walked through Lakeshire, and learned there was a Baron there,
the only nobility he had met around these places so far. He inquired about the piece of land next to it
as it is always handy to live next to nobility, and maybe even royalty.

The estate of the Baron of Lakeshire was now sided by Alkazar's Fort as he knew on time he
would need to defend himself from the witchhunters...
He was able to build it, but was completely broke. He sat there in his empty fortress, pondering about
his friends. He missed them.
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« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2009, 08:15:54 AM »

The next day he went to the meadow and started hunting for orcs, as he needed something to study,
and to disect to look for ways to kill them more efficiently.He took with him a tall white wyvern
who was an expert in fighting and Izzy the pet dragon. After a fierce fight he managed to reach
a chamber filled with orc archers and orc bombers. The moment they started fighting Alkazar knew
they were different. These orcs were a lot stronger and smarter as the orcs near the entrance.

The day was going to be tough he reckoned, as with disbelief he saw the creatures which, in his opinion,
a slightly better chance of thinking , take down the Wyvern and Izzy within a couple of minutes.
What shook him was the site of the orc brutes, just sheer raw muscles, and no brains,
but not even his beloved pets could withstand their advantage in number.
Sadly he needed to depart, and leave his pets behind in the dungeon. He knew that alone
he would be beaten in seconds, so with a heavy pain in his heart he left, and vowed to return
with a rescue party to save them.

When he approached his house he stood still in shock, as the day would become worse and worse....
On the meadow in front of his house there lied the body of one of the witchhunters, severed from the waist down
in another half closed moongate. His heart pounded, and he was happy he constructed his house with an invisible door.
And one other thing went through his mind. If they followed him, maybe Isabella and Gabriel followed as well.

He would go search for them, but first he needed to make himself strong, and be able to raise an army to his aid.
No... this time things would go different. He would make sure he would not have to face these dreaded hunters alone,
and if his friends were there as well, he would protect them.
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