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Author Topic: Leaving Lakeshire  (Read 1690 times)
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« on: August 04, 2009, 09:48:16 AM »

Alan read the message again, he couldn't believe his eyes. It seemed that his enemies had made a political mistake of enormous consequences and had all been expelled from the court of the Duke. This meant that Alan was being recalled back to the Duke's side. He looked out the window of his office. This place here in Lakeshire had been his home for nearly 18 months, when he had left the Duchy he was told it was for good. He had done much good here since he had arrived, but he had been thinking of a way to make these people stand on their own for a while. Many of them such as Link and Viskaroth were strong warriors who needed little or no guidance. All of them had good hearts and the best of intentions. Yes, Lakeshire would be fine without him. That night Alan finished packing the rest of his belongings into two saddle bags to go on his pack horse, he was leaving at dawn the next day. Sleep was hard to find that night, and his dreams were troubled. Livorin visited him and reminded him of their deal and that is would be completed eventually. Mother also visited him in his dreams as she had before. His enemies it seemed were glad he was leaving. He was fine with that both of them had their power broken and were very limited in their influence now. He had one other dream as well, a face new to the area. The man was hunched as if with age and wore a cloak and hood that hid his face and features. Now and then he'd catcha  glimpse under the cloak and all he could see was bones. The man was a skeleton. He looked at the Baron and smiled as if to say everything will be fine here. The Baron found that the most unnerving smile he ever saw.
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