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Author Topic: Moxy's Tale  (Read 1666 times)
« on: September 15, 2009, 02:45:27 AM »

     A few of you have met me already, and I feel very welcomed in your realm so far.  This being said I feel I should share my story with you all.  I grew up an orphan in another realm, and with today's standards in such institutions my family name was lost somewhere in piles of hastily drawn paper work.  Due to my friendly and courageous nature the friends and foes alike came to calling me Moxy.  I trained briefly in my later days with the priests at the orphanage in the arts of Magery, Chivalry, and Healing, though I've yet to master any.  After leaving the orphanage I saw fit to spend my life traveling in search of a new home where I would feel welcomed.  I have been on the road seeking something unsought for going on 6 years.  Strangely this realm is not the realm I would of likely chosen if left to my own accord.  I fear I still have a bit to much of the adventerous spirit in me, for good or bad.  

     It seems however fate has hastened my deciding hand, for I was attacked by a crazed and ravenous Wolven.  My body seems to of come to accept this new blood with vigor and fervor in ways I would of never expected.  I sense many of my own kind in the realm of Sylvan Heart, so I think I am content to make this my home...for now at least.  I remain true to my couragous and chivalrous ways and consider myself a Knight, albeit with no Lord to swear my fealty to.  Perhaps I will find the Leader I seek in the clans of this shard, time and honor will tell.

      Knight of the Realms 
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