The Empire of Sosaria

Started by Jager, September 21, 2009, 03:26:30 AM

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Traveling along the familiar road through Magancia, you notice a freshly pasted placard on the signpost, Moving closer you begin to read the message it shouts out to you in stylized gold letters on a white back ground.

Imperial Announcement from the Glorious Lord Phoenix,
Imperial Regant of the Empire of Sosaria.

Greetings Sylvanites

As the Imperial Regent of the Empire of Sosaria, I would like to inform everyone that I have returned to Sylvan Heart from my many months of travel. In the time which I was gone it seems that much has changed, but I can assure you that The Empire's Dedication to upholding Justice and Order is never wavering. From my travels I have learned much and met many people, A few of which have agreed to return to my Empire, which I am sure you will meet soon out and about the world.

This announcement is also to inform everyone that I intend to resurrect my Empire from the ashes of history and return it to its once shining glory and power. It has been to long since the glory of the Empire was upheld here, and I plan to grow our numbers and reforge the ES name, quenching it in the warm bodies of our enemies.

Those who wish to join, please contact me or my staff and we shall consider you.

Imperial Regent of,
The Empire of Sosaria

OCC: I am disappointed that I couldn't get text coloring or fonts to work :(
P.S.: I am aware that this would normally go in the "Guilds" sub-section, but since I am announcing this for purely RP purposes (no new members accepted) I decided to post in here.

Blazer Bloodfire

* a lone traveller happens upon the new post*  * a deep chuckle rumbles from beneath the figure's hood* this dusty old guild is still around? justice never waning indeed, my brother wont let me hear the end of this, his Light lasting far longer than my Dark... *the figure grumbles as he continues along the path*