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Author Topic: A new Knight under the Banner of ES  (Read 2096 times)
« on: October 02, 2009, 06:12:51 PM »

   Over the last few weeks since I've arrived in this realm I've grown greatly. My skills in healing now barely surpass my skills in battle.  I've trained extensively with Master Link of Urak in the ways of Bushido, and Chivalry. He has taught me to use a bow in ways I never imagined possible, firing multiple arrows at a time at targets sometimes not even within my line of sight. I have not yet perfected my skills on the battlefield but I am drawing ever closer.

   One step towards reaching my goal of the ever elusive perfection has led me to sign on as a Squire to the Great Lord Phoenix, to further my training as a Knight in the Empire of Sosaria. Lord Phoenix and I traveled through dark dungeons filled with Daemons and Dragons, and fell mighty beasts I could never of destroyed on my own. During one evening of our travels I even came across a highly enchanted bow allowing me to fire arrows with such velocity, and accuracy, I rarely stop to look and see if my shots have even made their mark. I have gained a level of trust and communion with my weapon I never thought possible. Perhaps when my purse bulges a little more I will take it to a crafter and see if I can commission even greater enchantments bestowed upon it. Time can only tell, but I believe I am become quite a competent Spell Archer, or ArrowSinger as the elves sometimes call them.

   Unfortunately my new found dedication to the way of the Bow has been contradictory to my Wolven nature. My body craves meat, but I find the heaviness of flesh makes me tired, and sluggish. I need my body agile, and my mind sharp, in order to maneauver my horse, fire my bow, and concentrate on the spells I use to enhance my shots. I call on my body for a quickness to move around a battlefield most melee fighters do not need. So for now I must remain disciplined and supress the call of the wolf within me, and fair on lighter morsels such as fruits and cheeses. Perhaps when I have truly mastered my art I can indulge a little.
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