Started by Garrick, September 29, 2012, 02:54:41 AM

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Remember this is a Role Playing shard. In light of that, we request that you name your characters with names that would fit in with our Role Playing roots. There is a great big, huge world of names out there, so I'm sure you can find something nice that works.

Please do NOT name your characters after TV shows, Movie characters, Comic Book characters, Cartoon show characters, or breakfast food.  No L33t names, d00d type names, names referencing drug activities,  or names that would be insulting to other players.   CheVyMaN will quickly have his name changed to Bob.  Superman will rapidly become Bob. IownzJu, will get a free ticket to being Bob.

If we find a name that does not fit with our naming requirements, we will give you the chance to come up with a new name, and will change it for you. We usually contact you when you are in game, if we don't see you on and you log in and find one of your characters named Bob, you will know you need a new name.

I have no problem being "that staffer" who changes names.  Just a friendly reminder about naming.