Seasons Greetings and Patches!

Started by Cypress, September 28, 2011, 05:59:25 PM

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We now have patches to allow for a beautiful snowy Sylvan Heart winter! And once Winter ends, you can use the other seasons patch to end the Winter and enjoy the Spring, Summer, and Fall!

These patches are optional, but are here for your enjoyment! Note that the Winter really is pretty hehe :)

Winter (For use only with Razor!)
Other Seasons (For use only with Razor!)

Winter (For use without Razor!)
Other Seasons (For use without Razor!)

To use these patchers

The default location should be already set, but if you installed UO to a location other than the default then you will need to set the location for the patch installer to the location you installed to. To do this, click the browse button and go to the location that you installed to.

Note that the information can also be found here:


Dont forget folks, Seasons are changing and if you would like to see Sylvan in a beautiful Winter scene, download our Winter patch, for a true feeling of winter and all its beauty,


cant down load the winter or season patches, it says files missing when you click the link


Hmm, looks like I may need to upload those to the new host. Thanks for letting me know!