Construction, but of what?

Started by Rei, July 21, 2012, 09:00:02 PM

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For day's now construction has been going on by a mysterious group.  They have taken up residence near one of the minor cities. What could they be up to?  What are they building?  Overseeing it all is a Feline in dark armor, directing the work progress.  From time to time a lockpick can be seen spinning between his fingers


The construction is complete.  All that remains is to finish the interior.  Boats and shady looking wagons come and go through the night, delivering goods.  The apparent leader is still seen overseeing it all, wearing his dark leathers and keeping his face covered with a mask, all that is known is he is male and feline.


Guin had noticed movement of various groups of wagons and horses when she was out looking for various places to mine and lumberjack. She thought the seen was odd, but for the most part thought nothing of it.