Magery system update!

Started by Cypress, January 24, 2012, 02:24:58 AM

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Some of you already know there was an update done today. Well, now I'm posting to tell about it!

Our magery system has undergone an overhaul! For the most part our previous system did not take into account the factors of inscription skill, intelligence, or spell damage increase. So, we've created a custom system that now takes these factors into account.

First, there is a percent bonus you get from spell damage increase items. This is a direct percent increase.

Next, there is a percent bonus based the value of the skills evaluate intelligence and inscription. This is similar to how anatomy and tactics work for melee. Each may also add an extra bonus if they are at or above GM level.

Lastly, there is a percent bonus based on your total intelligence with a special percent bonus added to that based on the amount of intelligence you have over the base 150.

So, it works like this:
Base spell damage + (base spell damage * total bonus%) = final spell damage

Also as part of this update, the spells "chain lightning" and "meteor swarm" have been customized. Their damage is determined using method given above, and when they hit multiple enemies, the full amount is done to each target.

Damage type spells that were not updated to use this method are "mind blast" and "earthquake" which used their own methods to determine damage.

In addition to these basics, as a final touch to the new system, we've added something special. 25% of a mage's final damage is done directly ignoring resist while the remaining 75% will still go against the target's resist as normal (This applies to the spells "mind blast" and "earthquake" as well). This should be very useful against creatures with higher resist!

It was also requested that blade spirits have a little faster cast time, so this has been updated as well.

Hope everyone enjoys!
~ Admin Cypress


Recently the spell Mana Vampire has now also been changed. At 120 eval int skill, you can now leech a maximum of 24% of your target's mana up to a cap of 48 mana. If your target has no mana, you get none. If your target has equal or less mana than the percent number you are leeching then you get all its mana. For example if you leech 24% from a target that has 23 or 24 mana, you get all its mana instead of 24% of it.

The target monster may also decrease your leech amount by a maximum of 10% if they are above 120 magic resist skill and not decrease it at all if they have less than 10 magic resist skill. Depending on how much mana they have, this may or may not decrease the actual amount of mana you leech from them since your cap of 48 mana may still be reached even if you only leech 14% of their mana.

Hope you enjoy!
~ Admin Cypress


Very, very nice !! this will help a great deal! 
Thanks for all your hard work!