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Author Topic: The Deception.  (Read 4070 times)
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« on: June 05, 2015, 06:14:45 PM »

Buki's Journal entry #68
     I finally became a master of Jade Monk Dojo with the passing of the last true Master.
     I hope I am strong enough to lead what few students remain and also learn the techniques
     the old master seemed to have known.  I cannot rush and greedily look at the Dojo's sacred
     manuscripts so soon.

Buki's Journal entry #69
     While familiarizing myself with the lands I came across a might warrior, a fox spirited human.
     His combat skills even seem to outshine the Dojo Masters.  Perhaps in time I can learn from him
     as well.

Buki's Journal entry #73
     Under training of this fox spirited human I have grown  much stronger and quicker than I would have
     imagined capable.  I am near the apex of physical training.  My skills combat skills have greatly evolved.

Buki's Journal entry #75
     I been working to help protect a faerie miner during his excavations.   It seemingly pays well and rarely
     am I called into action.  

Buki's Journal entry #83
     After some time escorting the faerie miner through his daily gathering he finally paid me with a strange
     weapon.  He got it from his Master and the fox spirited human.   Seems this fox spirited warrior is into
     everything.   I need to show more caution while around him.

Buki's Journal entry #91
     I stopped escorting the faerie to learn and practice this strange weapon.  It allows me to hit enemies at
     a distance.  It is powerful and enchanted with strange magics.  Its not even listed in the Dojo manuscripts.
     Whatever it is, its deadly and my training will only make it more so.

Buki's Journal entry #94
     I met a strange vampiric woman who hunts her own kind.  She also used many of the skills and weapons
     to what I do, even this great weapon called a "Chakram".  I learned much of its uses and history.  I will
     have to make note of these in the Dojo manuscript.

Buki's Journal entry #97
     A seemingly drunken wolven express great desire in removing my head.  As usual I played it off as being

Buki's Journal entry #98
     It seems the Drow are making a stir around here...   is it time?

Buki's Journal entry #110
     I have kept close eye on the Drow for some time.  Watching many of their movements.  Their influence
     spreads quickly.  Many seem to accept and even help them.  Why?

Buki's Jounal entry #113
     After observing the goings of the Drow for some time, I learned they are on a quest to destroy their
     Slaving Goddess LLoth.   I never had much use for such gods.

Buki's Journal entry #127
     I believe the time is finally here.  I must act quickly before its too late.  It will be risky but its time
     to act.  All my training has lead to this very moment.   I have grown in strength and skill over the
    past months.  All of that skill and more will be needed now.  Now I must remove this disguise..

Buki's Shurtyrr's Journal entry #1
     I have revealed my truest form.  After nearly being lost in this land, after assuming the identity of
     Buki, I was finally able to gain the power I desired.   I must seek out this Tulsheress and gain entry
     into this growing Empire before such chances are lost.

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #2
     I am now a member of Culhind Tulsher, the Drow Empire.  The Tulsheress was quite impressed with
     my skill of an Assassin.  She promoted me to Commander of the Darkhand nearly on the spot.  It seems
     my long planned deception in this land has paid off.   I have learned many of the fighting techniques of
     the people of the realm as Buki,  now to employ those techniques as my own.

(end of journal)
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*May the stars guide you!*
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« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2015, 04:10:54 PM »

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #4
     I was recently called to Dhaune Sinore's aid.  It seems the Spider Goddess Lolth, made an appearance.  Quickly I found myself subdued by the   
     Goddess, I must learn to act quickly or else.  Dhaune Sinore is now greatly weakened by a curse, however now is not the time...   Dhaune Sinore
     called me to help the fox spirited human that Lolth trapped.  My skills and cunning lead me to a great spider's cave where I saved the fox spirited   

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #9
     Seems the strange vampiric woman was quite upset with my clever disguise.  Her threats are meaningless however.  Her body is a body of a
     killer, but her soul is that of a sappy surface dweller.  However she is dangerous in another way.  Seems she got me to spill some information
     about my next victims.   First my Matron Mother, whom tried to assassinate me, then the Dojo Master because I my disguise needed purpose,
     and now my next Target, The Oracle of the Fae.   I have seen his gifts first hand, though he couldn't even see through my disguise, now in my
     truest form he might.  I have worked too hard and came to far to have my plans unravel now.  I now wait for the Oracle to return to his     
     manor so I may pluck out his eyes, one by one by one.

*May the stars guide you!*
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« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2015, 04:07:01 PM »

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #13
     Seems that vampiric witch is getting the better of me.  She is getting in my head, but I think I may
     have gotten in her head as well.  While getting her to turn on her ideals for the vampiric bloodlust
     would be oooh so tempting, I fear even I might fall victim to it.  She is a sneaky one.  Her blades
     are sharp and trained on me.  I must proceed with caution and not spill my plans to her so easily.
     What sway does she have over me?  Is it some sort of vampiric trick?  She now knows of my second
     intended target, even though the first seemed to have locked himself away in the Fae city.

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #15
     I heard it today.  While I was hunting I heard a voice, a snake like voice hissing in my head.  It called
     for the destruction of lolth, which I will gladly do.  Certainly it knows I then would come after her next.
     Slither, Lolth, or the Fae gods they are all the same and on my list!  Why would Slither call to me?
     Certainly ... it cannot be.   Zinzerena's deception?  A snake coiled to crush the spider?  for vengeance?
     My goddess Zinzerena, the pain i felt coursing through my soul when I felt you die by the hands of Lolth!
     I made my vow to never follow another god... but... what if Zinzerena is using her usual deceptions to
     wait and strike at Lolth under the form of a new god...  Why else would she call?

*May the stars guide you!*
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« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2015, 03:06:29 AM »

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #48
     After months away after my defeat, I am back with new clarity and purpose.  I see whatever relics I can find to end Lolth.  I been researching within the Dojo for a way to kill, banish, or bind her.   All other tasks are currently a distraction. 

*May the stars guide you!*
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« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2015, 02:17:30 PM »

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #62
 Its been quiet, I been keeping a low profile and focusing on my task.   The Drow empire has all vanished, the Monarchy power leading it has vanished. Tulsharess Dhaune has been missing for months.  I suspect Llolth has crushed what last resistance the Empire had.     I may be  next.

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #68   
    I am being hunted by an unknown enemy.  My Pursuer seems to know all my tricks and evasion techniques.  Its only a matter of time until I must also test the limits of my combat skills.  As time passes my pursuer grows ever closer to finding me. 

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #69
   Out of the corner of my eye, i caught a glimpse of a white furred beast.  It was fast and almost seemed to melt back into the forest.  I no longer think its llolth who hunts me, but something far far worst. 

Shurtyrr's Journal entry #....

(Different handwriting, with what appears to be blood)


*May the stars guide you!*
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