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Sylvan Heart has a basic Race system to encourage role playing.  You may choose to become an orc, an elf, a daemon, a faerie, a drow, or a wolven. The Sylvan Heart race stone is located in the pavilion just east of the Magincia Meadow. Remember, races do not have any benefit one over the other, they are to help promote role play.

* Orcs have been in the world almost since time began. They are mainly thought of as brutish creatures that live a hand to mouth existence but some groups have cooperated and built villages and even cities. Orcs have a complicated language that is difficult for humans to understand but the very existence of this developed language belies the common belief that orcs are merely animalistic. Orcs are natural warriors although some few of them have shown an inclination to dabble in the mysteries of magic.  Orcs have a lovely Orc city in a northern part of Tokuno. They have orcish shopkeepers, and room for housing.

*The Drow are a beautiful race, lithe and graceful, slightly shorter than humans, and light, by human standards, for their weight. But it is a cold beauty, for the drow do not think the way humans do and what humans may regard as compassion, the drow consider weakness. Dark elves are artisans, warriors and excel in the use of magery, especially necromancy.  Drow have a beautiful, hidden city called Zau'Urden.  There is housing available there for the drow, if they wish.

*The Elves are one of the oldest races in the lands. Tall and majestic, possessed of great physical beauty and remarkable intelligence, elves sometimes appear haughty to humans but it is more a lack of reference since elvenkind live much longer than humans. Elves look down upon Drow as 'fallen elves' but in fact, the Drow just followed another path in life. Elves are utterly trustworthy when they give their word but it takes a lot to win their confidence and trust. Elves make cunning warriors, superb artisans and awe inspiring mages.  Elves tend to live around the Yew area, an area that is verdant and quiet.

*Faerie are mystical beings that are purely magical in nature. Think of the Tuatha de Danaan when you think of faery folk. These are not the glittery little Disney fairies but powerful magical beings. They sprang from the formless wellspring of mana that pervades the world. They generally are a kind, benevolent race but do not anger them or be cruel to animals or their fury will be aroused. Faeries have a distinct antipathy towards creatures of the darkness such as undead and daemons. Faeries naturally excel in magery and are close the magical source of nature, thus making excellent tamers and druids.  Faeries inhait the magical city of Wind, where they first coalesced from the primal magic energies, they also have a lovely above ground area with imediate access to Wind.

*Daemons are similar to the Faerie race in that they are creations of the very essence of magic, but they are the dark side of magery. Daemons predate the Faerie race and some sages think that Faeries came into existence to balance the inherent darkness of the powerful Daemon race. Daemons are cruel and uncaring, living mainly to cause death and suffering. There are exceptions to this rule but there are very few. Daemons love the necromantic powers of magery and the physical punishment and gore of hand to hand combat. Daemons have a large underground city.

*The Wolven are a race of nature lovers, once wolven wanderers of deep forests and frigid taigas and magically merged with a tribe of elemental druid humans that lived in the wilderness. Wolven are natural druids and rangers, loving the forests, meadows and all places of nature but staying away from so called 'civilized' areas if at all possible. They tolerate humans but only barely since they blame humankind for the devastation and pollution of large areas of the world. Wolven are quiet and stealthy when they need to be but possess savage fighting abilities as well.  The wolven race frequent Delucia in the Lost Lands.

*The Dwarven folk are hardy folk who have been around as long as Elves, the other elder race. Dwarves love mining, blacksmithing, adventuring and are distrustful of outsiders but tend to make allowances. Dwarves are strong and fearless and often impulsive in battle unlike Elves who tend to hold back and think things out. The Dwarven are is near the mountains north of Minoc. They have an underground temple within the mountain there.

*The origin of the race of Felinus is lost in time, but, legends tell of an advanced people who lived in a desert region and built monolithic structures. These people also worshipped a number of deities including one called Bast, a goddess that was represented in the form of a cat. At one point, this deity gathered together all Her priests and priestesses and took them away to a hidden jungle, imparting feline characteristics to them in reward of their faith. This new breed of people were part human and part cat and called themselves Felinus. They are dextrous, intelligent, somewhat supercilious but often playful.  Felinus enjoy the heavily wooded areas around Papua in the Lost Lands.

After thought and consideration, select a race and you are transformed! If you change your mind about which race you wish to be, you will need to page a GM and pay out a 50K fee so think before you choose!

All races have the ability to shapeshift into an alternate form. You can doubleclick the red race stone in your pack to transform or untransform your shape. If you are Wolven or Felinus, you can single click the stone and select a specific hue to apply to your human and animals forms.

There are some food stuffs that are unique to some of the races:

*Lembas now able to be made by Elves. You need to find Elvellon shrubs and gather the leaves. Then use a sack of flour on the leaves. Must have a silver bowl in your pack to mix it in. Gives moderate strength bonus.

* Dwarf Rations now able to be made by Dwarves. You will need to find BizurBund shrubs and gather the leaves. Then use a sack of flour on the leaves. Must have a gold bowl in your pack to mix it in. Gives a moderate dexterity bonus.

* Orc Draught now able to be made by Orcs.  You will need to find Ogre Blood, from the obvious source, and combine it with clay. Must have bottles to put the stuff in. Gives an excellent strength bonus but of less duration than the Elven or Dwarf consumables.

Remember... the races are to add to the flavor of role playing.  No one race has benifits in game over another.

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