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Author Topic: Reports from the Realm  (Read 1658 times)
Thane ir'Wyndan
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« on: August 05, 2009, 08:24:17 AM »

Marnis shrugged to himself as he continued to look over his reports.  The tallies were off by a few but not too many.  Heck he normally lost more in the random thefts from his employees and he had accounted for that loss.  But something about the last few months orders were troubling him and he would be damned if he left before he could figure it out.  Chewing quietly at his pencil he looked over the lines again and again and finally it hit him.  All the losses could be found in a single smithy, strangely all his other businesses reported NO losses.  He knew just the man to talk to about this and he had been planning a long boat ride anyway...


The two men were slick from their own sweat and the sea.  Hard labor was nothing new but at least now they were getting paid enough that they didn't complain and that was new.  No words they shared for their new boss didn't leave off them long enough for either to become rested enough for spare words.  Still all in all they had it good.  Their strong backs were earning them three times what they had on the Vesper docks and they were doing the same work, just unloading the crates.  Still these long hours into the middle of the night were enough to drive a man to drink and strong drink they needed.  That fool captain would spend the rest of the night singing his tales and a man needed that drink to keep from killing him.


Ahoy Remy, we be needing to up the orders!  We can't keep up with the current demand and there is pay available for all.  Find me some new suppliers immediately and get me the goods man.  We will all be living like kings before you know it.


Time is a healer, time is a stealer, time is an angel, time is a devil that burns.
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