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Author Topic: Unexpected guest ( Warning icky PG-13+ stuff)  (Read 2309 times)
« on: June 27, 2006, 11:41:24 PM »

Screaming woke him from his sleep with a start, panicked, Kilrain looked around. His mind reeled in the thick fog of an awaking mind. Another scream jolted him into reality, it was his master’s voice. Leaping from the table he had fallen asleep at during his  twelfth hour of study, as he ran he felt a sense of relief  that his master had not found him in such a state, for his wrath was fierce.

  Fear gripped him as he reached the end of the hall and opened the door to his master’s sanctum. The scene before him was worse that his darkest nightmares. His master lay on the floor covered in his lifesblood. Above him a man stood, the blackest of hair flowing over his shoulders, an aura of power and unimaginable evil eminated from him. Within his fingers were the entrails of his master below. “I have tolerated your failures long enough Lareth.” “But…but…my Lord…” Lareth began, reaching out in pitiful agony. Gripping his outstretched hand, the man leaned down, “Yes, Lareth what is it you want my servant” he asked with pity in his tone. “My…my…m-m master, I ask your patience, l-look with pity upon your…your humble servant please, my Lord Asmo-”. “NO!” the man screamed with primal rage, as he tore Lareth’s arm from his torso, Lareth screamed and sobbed at the new wound. “Never again will my ears have to endure your mewling for forgiveness.” the mysterious man spoke with bridled rage through clenched teeth.

  A gasp escaped Kilrain’s lips yet it was enough. Flaming eyes turned to see him, and his limbs froze with fear. Dropping Lareth’s insides to the ground the stranger strode over to Kilrain, “Ah, what’s this, the apprentice to the rescue?” he hissed. Lifting Kilrain into the air by the throat he moved back into the room. From the ground Lareth began pleading again, “Take him master, a…as a sacrifice and end my suffering.” Lareth managed to sob. Amidst Kilrain’s struggling as he dangled, he found space to shoot a hate filled glare at his master. Without looking to Lareth, the man grinned evilly, “Very well Lareth, I will accept your apprentice and grant you peace.” Lareth's blood filled mouth spread into a wide smile as he raised himself onto his remaining elbow and met Kilrain’s gaze. He was so absorbed in his gloating, that he didn’t even register the flash of movement as clawed hand plunged in to his chest and removed his heart. Kilrain observed as his master fell back with a sickening thud and lay dead, with that wry smile frozen forever on his face.

  Kilrain was broken from his trance when the slayer of his master spoke an arcane word of power and a dark mist rose from Lareth’s mouth snaking into the mouth of the man holding him. Once complete he uttered another arcane phrase and a green glow pulsed down the man’s arm, through his fingers and into the heart, which flashed brightly then dimmed to a steady pulse. “Eat it Kilrain, and claim your master’s power to add to your own.” Upon looking at the heart throbbing with life of it’s own, Kilrain was consumed by an insatiable hunger. Wrenching himself free from the loosed grip of the stranger he grabbed the heart and tore into it with the all ferocity of his wolven bloodline. Power coursed through his body as he gulped down the final morsel of his master’s heart.

  After finishing, he raised his eyes to the stranger, who looked upon him and smiled wickedly. “Yes, very nice. One more test to go.” With that flames leaped from his eyes into Kilrain’s. The world exploded in Kilrain’s mind, tounges of searing fire licked playfully at his sanity, threatening to burn away the very fabric of reality. Kilrain writhed in pain, yet somewhere within he felt power growing, expanding throughout his body. It extinguished the flame, no it ate the flame and grew stronger. A green haze clouded his vision, soon he contain it no longer and with a scream of raw animalism he released the energy and sent it thundering back to it’s source, sending the stranger back against the wall. Laughter filled the air,” Yes! Hahaha yes! You are a perfect vessel.” the man shouted. “You are my servant now and you shall obey my will, as a reward I will grant you unimaginable power.” “Yes my master,” Kilrain growled “What is thy will?” Leaning forward the man whispered into Kilrain’s ear, then placing a finger to his lips spoke. “Do not speak my name or your duty, seek the ones that follow Abraxius and serve well. In serving Abraxius you serve me. Now go and fulfill your duties Kilrain.”

  Picking up Lareth’s spellbook  Kilrain stepped out the door.
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2006, 07:44:23 PM »

this brings a smile to my little black heart
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